Homeland. TV Series 3


Lantern Swinger
Anyone else getting a bit bored of this now?

We have only seen Brody in one episode of this series so far!

Is it just me or is it not as good as the first 2 series?


I though it went down hill half way into the second series TBH. But what can you expect when it's not got a solid ending from the writers and is still being written?


War Hero
I think it is a brilliant program. However, I have to agree that it has "lost its way" slightly. I am reluctant to give up on it as you just never know what's around the corner. I'm hooked.



The scene where they bust the bad guys at the cafe with their news van may of been replayed over and over... with the sound getting louder each time.

'MURICA! :salute:

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