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Hi Folks,
I'm jsut wondering if anyone out there can help. I'm an ex-jackdusty with two small sprogs and a sun dodging hubby. Due to silly childcare costs it's pretty difficult me going back to work full time, with the job market round here i'd probably be out of pocket after nursery costs!

So has anyone any experience with any home working ideas that maybe i could take up???


Typical - ask a reasonable question and get a stupid answer. Tut, tut Janner me ould flower. You really will have to try harder. :roll: :roll:

Telesales seems to be the obvious one but have no experience of it other than being on the receiving end.

MrsElvis said:
Due to silly childcare costs it's pretty difficult me going back to work full time,
I think you may have answered your own question Shel…ever thought of being a childminder.

What ever you do be careful … a mate of mine tried working from home and it didn`t work out well at all…. he was a sheet metal worker.

MrsElvis said:
...any home working ideas ...
Childminding is probably your easiest option, subject to how long it takes to qualify and gain endorsement from the council.

Otherwise, book-keeping is you have any Sage experience is easy to set up.

also many firms have a good home working policy, BT has a very high proportion of home workers for example.

Bear in mind that home working on your own account will involve registering as self employed, so take a look at the HMRC website for guidance on taxation and NI.
Not being sexist at all but.... I know an ex CCCT who has left the mob and now runs a very successful home ironing business from home. I believe he has a colleague who goes round collecting the items to be ironed and its all done from home and delivered back ready wear. He's been doing it about 3 years now so it can't be that bad
Thanks for the answers guys, i think i will have to look into childminding. Had thought of telesales but seeing as i can't stand getting those calls myself thought it'd be a touch hypocritical!
Am thinking of the ironing thing aswell, still waiting for DE housing to say whether they approve, oh the joys of living in a qtr, lol!

There is the option of studying for a book keeping course/or other Admin Courses. It is only 4 months and you do it at home and get a qualification as a book keeper then you can advertise and small companies and one man bands are crying out for book keepers.

I started doing that when I left the Army (I did go on to finish a degree with the help of the money I was earning) and luckily I found the right job at the right time and am now a Company Director.

It is a great way to start and a lot of home study courses are easily completed in 4 - 6 months and then put in your CV with Recruitment Agencies who specialise in working from home. The only back biter is trying to undercut other people in the same business but there is a niche for it and the secret to it is advertising.

It is not going to be an easy start so bear that in mind but the payback is fantastic and there is the drawback of registering as Self Employed etc but if you need any help or any other ideas please feel free to pm me.

The child minding thing can be good, seems you have a Scottish association all ready to help you get set up
and see
The Essentials
In order to set up your own childminding business there are some costs to incur as part of your start-up process.

* Care Commission Registration Fee (approx £28)
* SCMA Membership (£53.75)
* Public Liability Insurance (£31.50 with SCMA)
* Business Tools, such as cashbook and contracts (variable)
* Possible alterations to property such as additional fencing and gates
* Start-up equipment - toys, high chairs, smoke alarms, fireguards, fire blankets etc.
* First-aid training

A friend of mine in the same position as you said she is doing an online call center job, not telesales cold calling but fielding calls made to customer service centers. I cant tell if they employ people in the UK, didnt say in their FAQ but even if they dont there might be a UK/Scotland equivalent if you just have the right words to Google.


Of course, theres always Avon, but beware those weird start-ups that ask for money up front, there is a minefield of scams in the "work at home" area just trying to get your money. Arbonne is to be avoided.

Best of luck with it, let us know how you get on.
Also bear in mind many larger companies and central and local government organisations do provide assistance with childcare in the form of either subsidised creches or voucher schemes which are designed to make the working with childcare a profitable experience for you.

The rewards however from running your own business may well be higher and the satisfaction may well be greater, but one must never forget there are risks too.

Good luck whatever you choose.
If you enjoy looking after your own kids and being at home, you could always do what me and the missus do and work for barnardos, doin full time fostering. it pays well (tax free) and is rewarding.
Hi Mrs Elvis,

I too have some ideas if you don't want to be stuck at home with children and need some adult conversation and to earn some money...have you looked at Treasure Trails? This was set up by an ex-Army guy...take a look at his website as you can do this anywhere and is as flexible as you want. Also, there is a magazine franchise called Up my Street which you can either opt for the web-based one or the magazine...again, pretty flexible and work from home.

There are so many possibilities out there, childminding is not all it's cracked up to be! And if you ever want to get back into the job market once your children are older, your CV may have suffered. And if you're anything like most ex-military, you need a fresh challenge and something purposeful to do for yourself.

I set up my own business to allow me the flexibility to be able to move around...Business link is a great source of info and support and offer specific sessions for women too. A friend of mine set up a cake making business from home for example and is now delivering to local businesses and homes. So, so many exciting options!

Good luck, I hope you get the bug for doing something really satisfying!

Kind regards,
MrsElvis said:
Hi Folks,
I'm jsut wondering if anyone out there can help.

So has anyone any experience with any home working ideas that maybe i could take up???


My friends Missus has an industrial size washing machine and she washes oversize articles.Curtains, Duvet covers. She collects and delivers same day.Large duvet £6.50,small £5.00. I think this is only pin money but I will ask how she is getting on. She got the idea from washing friends duvets who only had a normal size washing machine.
This could be combined with ironing. Good luck.
Have you thought about entering the 'Supply Chain' again?

Selling stuff on E-bay is easy, all you need is the right products coupled with the skills you should already have as a Jack (surely that should be 'Jenny') Dusty. If you want ideas of what to sell, I have a few that could be quite lucrative.
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