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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Can someone help me with the current status of home to duty travel expenses.

    I believe that we pay for the first six miles and then are eligable for payment for anything over that?


  2. Silly question, but what is public accomodation and what is private accomodation. I'd imagine that private accomodation is when you own your house (or are at least paying a mortgage on it); but what's the definition of public accomodation? Does it include any rented accomodation, or are there any exclusions?
  3. Public accommodation is typically "Service accommodation" (including MQs) where individuals (and families) are accommodated in publicly subsidised facilities such as messes, service accommodation blocks etc. Private accommodation includes residential accommodation in privately owned property or rented accommodation (including council and housing association property) where the individual has made a personal decision over where he/she lives.

    For the RNR in general (unless on FTRS for example) your accommodation will almost certainly be classed as private since the navy has not drafted reservists to specific RTCs so the choice of where you live and which RTC you are attending is your own.
  4. Much obliged for the responses chaps.

  5. I used to live 2 miles from my unit, however during the last round of cuts the unit was closed and I now have to travel 50 miles to get to my unit making a round trip of 100. Not my choice I was transferred!

    Perhaps reservists should approach their units and ask the service to provide public accommodation on site in leu of HTD. I suspect the payment of full HTD would be more cost effective than providing public accommodation!
  6. Sorry to muddy waters, but don't reservists get paid htd from place of work to unit and unit to home? Obviously, minus the xx miles that has been introduced to save money
  7. SJRM, this getting off one's arse, would that be during the working day, when instead of having a wet in the mess at standeasy, one sits at a navy star or dii terminal? Or would it be in the lunchtime, or just after work? If it is, I would find that a tad difficult, because I would have to drive 100 mikes round trip to get to my unit to log on! And if it is on a drill night (when the rest of the unit is Quing up to get on the few terminals available), does one just ditch the training that one has gone to the unit for to spend time getting off ones arse to look up something on dii?
    Simple question?
  8. Simple - if you don't like being in the Reserves, no one is making you stay. I have a wife in the RNR, yes it is frustrating for both sides of the partition to bridge simple gaps like this. However, you do have permanent staff at your RNR unit who will be able to tell you this stuff, and if they don't then tell your 1st Lt.

    If you can't work out google, and type in JSP 752, you are, however, confirming the worse prejudices of the RN about the RNR....

    Now get off your arse.
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  9. Why thank you, and some are polite, come sarcastic, and some with no clue, but no worries. Ta all the same ( and wot permed ant staff? Half of them are gapped or on courses)
  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    " and wot permed ant staff? Half of them are gapped or on courses)"

    Or possibly hanging out on leave in dodgy resorts applying vajazzle and short skirts and keeping an eye on muntered reservists... :laughing5:
  11. Pt, ouch, that hurt. It was bloomin awfull
  12. Sjrm, fare one, and good call. I had no idea you could get the latest version of a jsp on the unclassified Internet. I am now better briefed,and well able to move my fat arse to the Internet and surf the plethora of naval regulations.

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