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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by howfen_lad, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. I shall stick this in here so anyone who wishes can tell me to 'do one' in the rightfull manner.

    As stated many, many times us wannabe jacks on the waiting list have time to burn and use accordingly, for this reason i am thinking of getting my brain in gear and trying to gain a GCSE, possibly English or Maths would be good as i got a grade 'D' at school, that place where i was more bothered about rubbing girls knickers under the table than what the teacher was saying :sleepy2:

    I am considering maybe night school or part time when possible at nearby colleges, but unfortunately most if not all are fully booked up for next couple of years.

    So has anyone tried Home learning whilst in civvie street to gain a GCSE? If so any help/advice on the matter would be great, i am wanting to know more about how it is possible to learn by yourself and how easy it is to get help through the course tutors over the internet and phone lines for someone not confident on the subject.

    Also is it worth me doing it now or should i wait for the future and see what life brings down the academic route?

    Thanks all. :thumbup:
  2. Do one :iconbiggrin:
  3. Carry on rubbing knickers mate.
  4. Always worth doing a bit of academia mate - how you do it is really up to you.

    Home learning is fine if you're motivated, I have loved it, but then again I'm at the other end of my career and doing it for 'fun'. To be honest, as everyone will tell you, it's individual choice.
  5. Sick cunt.I always found what was inside the knickers more interesting
  6. You man you ;-)

    Thanks for that, i am keen on gaining a grade 'C' in Maths and English and one day gaining 5 gcse's so the motivation is there, just unsure of how to go about it. Cheers for that.
  7. HAHAHA :laughing2::-D
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Academia? You utter fucking gay.

    You should be getting training in for the things that will help you in later life. Things like drinking, shagging and windmilling into people more shitfaced than you.

    You get an F for this thread. Must try harder.
  9. Whilst holding extremely high grades in all of Blackrats suggested subjects, I must own to having done an academic course whilst wearing a different head.
    I did the open university whilst in the Andrew and gained a degree in History.
    As far as incentive is concerned, you have to submit various pieces of work at scheduled times.
    Failure to do so more than once and you're out. If I had of failed due to that fact then the total cost of the course would have fallen squarely on me, and not pusser.
    Anyhow pride kept me going, the idea of failure with so many god shite common matelots around would have been worse than being shagged with the rough end of a rag man's trumpet.
  10. After leaving the Andrew I got bored and went to get a C&G in woodworking which I did,it did me no good as the twats wouldn't let me in the union and sites were a closed shop.
    I then decided to get my C&G in Electronic Engineering
    I crammed a 3 years course into one year and passed only to find everyone never wanted their TV's/Video's etc mended anymore ,we were in a throw away society.
    I went back playing the piano! but I did think at the time it was better to learn a type of trade than English/Geography etc but I guess I was wrong.Good luck
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorted that for you
  12. Cheers Jan:thumbup:

    Nice of that common Matelot wasn't it.:-D
  13. Only an 'F' sir?? Oh no my parents will be disappointed, are you sure there is 'nothing' i can do ??


    Oh ok then this is more like me but oh well...


    :laughing2: Cheers for the info.

    If i am going to do anything it will be my gcse's in Maths and English, they are needed really, well maybe they will be one day, so thanks for the info.
  14. Here ya go, I did a shed load of GCSE's and A levels then a degree whilst still in the mob. The GCSE's take 32 weeks starting in Sept, then the exams aboutMay. I did mine through the local Adult Education with the local council. Seeing as your Bolton..try the info below.

    • Brownlow Fold CLC - 01204 482901
    • Deane and Derby CLC - 01204 482920
    • New Bury CLC- 01204 482960
    • Westoughton CLC - 01204 482980
    For further information please go to: www.boltoncollege.ac.uk and follow the Community Link.
  15. Well thanks for that, actually Westhoughton is literally out my window, and i nipped in there after work funnily enough, they don't do GCSE maths they said and they are sure the others that do the courses are fully booked. But thanks for the numbers i will bell them.

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