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Advert keeps popping up when I log on to RR. We took membership a few years ago swapped our little cottage in Cornwall for a vacation over the pond 1st time to San Diego second time Los Angeles (Rancho Pallas Verdes). What a fcuking disaster- Yanks wouldn't be happy in heaven, drip drip fcuking drip emailing us every day with problems about air conditioning??? in fcuking Cornwall??? the windscreen wipers kept squeaking??? we didn't have any spattula's?? The local villagers dripped like fcuk cos the Yanks were so scared about the narrowness of the A374 they only drove at 20mph the fcuking tractors (aka Cornish sportscars) were overtaking them!!!
However on the plus side (yeah I'm a jack bastard) Merc SLK in San Diego, Lexus SUV in LA big fcuk off pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Hot Tub heaven, 5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, kitchen I could play 5 a side in - cheers easy yanks. Give it a go only pay for flights and spending money.
Just ignore the whinging redneck fcukers and enjoy.
6 weeks of sheer bliss San Diego, Coronado Beach and La Jolla, why the fcuk did I come back to this banjo playing, kiddy fiddling fcukhole- fcuk me I'm talking about LA now!!! My daughter was feeding racoons everynight after me and the missus had gone to bed after too much Zinfadel, ok but the fcukers started eating all the local moggies.
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