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Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by NorwayChris, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. 8),Right thats that done,Mrs NC and rugrats have been delivered to Alicante airport and are as i write this on there way to Noggy Land,i have 3 weeks to pass the time away,one week is taken up by my sailboat coastal skippers ICC,so that leaves two weeks,what shall i do ,please help, 8)
  2. You trying to tell me there are no bars where you are 8O

    Edited to add..if CinCNagHome is away you can do whatever you want as long as you don't leave an auditable trail :D
  3. well yes there a few,maybe i should work my around them all and then start again when ive finished :lol:
  4. On the other hand you could pop over to some where the beer etc is more affordable, and you can drink standing up until you fall down.
  5. Nip down to see us in Mazarron
    An ex Jennie who buys the wets can't be all bad
  6. If your serious then thanksamillion,pm me with your address or Spanish phone number and i will defo get me self down there,

    NC 8)
  7. I dont think i missunderstand you Maxi_77, but where is it more affordable then in Playa Flamenca Spain, :lol:
  8. I imagine that Maxi thinks you are in Norway, Chris!
  9. yeh soleil that just crossed my mind when i re read the post,cheers my lover, 8)
  10. Seeing as she will be getting her rocks off nightly, (be suspicious if she comes home with more money than she took), you could either do the same or decorate the whole house.
  11. Must wake up some time.
  12. Good lord, you don't want to go there!! it's full of bloody English and thieving Romanians :twisted:
  13. But morsehorse has volunteered to get the wets in,surely i can risk a few ferkpig Romanians, :D
  14. Wrecky, the bars in Spain are cheap, the bars in Norway are so expensive you need to take out a second mortgage to buy a 5 gallon keg of decent Appletons rum from Vinmonopolet o_O

    I love Norway..... but I also love Alcohol...... such a terrible dilemma! :cry:
  15. I think i will have a couple of days just chilling around the pool,change the oil and filter on the car and then go on a bender, :D
    thingy,we buy our beer and other expensive things in Finland or Sweden,both countrys are a two hour drive from where we live,i never ever buy wine or beer in norway,far to bloody expensive, 8)
  16. Good job you are not a stoker Chris as Thingy would be paying you a visit next time he is on a ffjord cruise. :)
  17. :D :D ,My brother was a FCPO Stoker,did his 22 and is working for the MOD in Guzz,little twats raking it in,££££££££, :lol:
  18. Chris

    The Swedes visit Denmark to buy their booze! :biggrin:

    I can cope with you not being a stoker, just so long as you're not bald-chinned like a bit-o-skin! Did you say you had your own still? :razz: :wink:

  19. Well that makes all the difference then, don't it :D :D
  20. Mind you we find Sweden and Finland bloody expensive. Denmark used to be a lot better and shops by the old Malmo ferry used to display prices in Swedish Kroner rather than Danish.

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