Hols4Heroes - Tour of Purdey Gun factory II

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Following the success of the previous Purdey tour. There is now another chance to bid on this gleaming day with all proceeds going to Holidays4Heroes at a time when cash is in serious need.

    You are bidding on a tour for four at the James Purdey & Sons Factory in London followed by lunch at the HAC.

    The only other way to get on this tour would be to spend £70,000+ on a Purdey gun so this is an incredible opportunity for gun-lovers.

    The tour will be available from November onwards, the previous winner has told me that it was worth every penny of his £400 winning bid, can we get higher this time?

    Happy bidding and good luck, the auction will end at 1200Z on the 2nd of October.

  2. oooh! Care to make it £151 mate? £150 bid has just gone in on ARRSE? ;_)
  3. I fcuking love you.
  4. Is a Purdey gun thrown in? :razz:
  5. Maybe if the bidding reaches £70,000!
  6. Is :sex: with Monty included in the winning bid? :p :twisted: :D
  7. Maybe if the bidding reaches £70,000.
  8. I'm cheaper than that mate, if it means we can solve a few of the backlog of cases for Hols4Heroes you can all bum for a tenner each.
  9. Not forgotten fella, pm inbound.
  10. Come on guys, stump up.
    As the winner of the last Purdey tour , we all had a brilliant day.
    The craftsmanship is mindblowing. ( NO thingy! - I said mindblowing)
  11. Glad you enjoyed it Nobby, it was good to meet you and your lads.

  12. Now at £300 on ARRSE.

    Come on bidders!
  13. And another bump.l

    Two days to go, let's get the bidding back on track shall we? Currently at £300 from an ARRSE bidder.
  14. If this is who I think it is why do you have to use the 'C' word in your avatar?, this is Charity thread after all.
  15. Thanks for the bump Stirling, is that a bid? Do I hear £400?
  16. Any spare dosh I do have goes here.

  17. Puuuuuuurdy

    Cmon all you pussy lovers, is Monty bid £500?
  18. Now at £420 on Arrse.

    You know you want it.

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