Hols4Heroes - 3 new cases ONE URGENT

We have had 3 more families referred to us, the first case is very urgent we are looking for a fortnight away for a family, mum and dad and 3 kids, dad is just about to leave the army and has been told he only has a few months to live, they just want a nice quality break away in the next couple of weeks as time is not on his side Spanish Dave is on the case for a villa for this family but we need the money to get them there, a car, and insurance just in case

The second case is another family, mum dad and 2 kids, he is being medically discharged after 22 years in the army as when in Afghanistan earlier this year was diagnosed with MS, to make matters worse, his wife has also just been diagnosed with MS, as those of you who know me know that my wife has MS and I know what the future holds for them. His wife works in a school so it would have to be in a school holiday period I am afraid which is more expensive for flights.

The third case is a TA soldier who was shot twice (same incident) in Afghanistan, he was the first case in and his property is squared away already in November, once again we need to get him there, every bit of support you offer is really appreciated by everybody.

Due to the RBL auctions imminent I have to I am afraid ask for cash only for the flights and cars as we as a website always support the RBL with auctions.

HSBC ...
Acct Name: holidays4heroes
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Acct Number: 41416081

IBAN: GB29MIDL40120941416081

PayPal: info @ holidays4heroes.org

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Lantern Swinger
We are prepared to provide a 3 bed 3 bath villa with swimming pool and collect and reurn from St Javier aiport Murcia

Jacqueline and Tom

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