Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. So where are you going this year ?, I have booked up for my annual 10 day trip to Shanklin, IOW. :)

  2. magaluf this by day.
    and this by night.
  3. It depends if I pass my final exam it will be here:

    BPP Law School Leeds

    If not it will be two weeks either here

  4. Wow, Rosie! BVC or LPC?
  5. Thats no bloody good theres no mounatins other than wimmins breasts on the beach!!! :roll:
  6. LPC, I had a place at College of Law, Guildford then promptly failed contract law.

    In my defence, I was doing 4 CPE exemptions by distance learning and passed the other three with flying colours.
  7. I shall be the first miserable one.....no hols for me this year.

    Hope none of you enjoy yours and they are crap!!!!

    Just joking, hope they are great.
  8. If I have a bastard job I fancy Italy.
  9. Sri lanka or Mauritius for us this year if all goes well
  10. Cycled lands end - John O'Groats last year.

    This year cycling from Herts to Bilbao via Barcelona (aka the scenic route).

    2 weeks away from the missus, touring the wine regions of france.

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