Hols 2009

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. So where are you off to this year ?, I will be making my annual visit here around the beginning of June.
  2. I had a great week all inclusive in Lara Turkey in December 2008.
    So good I'm looking at going again to Turkey (Belek, Alanya area) in about May. :w00t:
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Somewhere here in Feb, June and October:

  4. Off to Malta in June for a week, staying at some little hotel called the "Hilton" should be Ok I guess :thumbleft:
  5. Salcombe for the sailing dontcha know!
  6. The Algarve for us in October, plus SWMBO is insisting on somewhere romantic to celebrate our wedding anniversary in August. No pressure of course!
  7. on
    Off to see Jose in Malta in April then some brown bears in Canada and Alaska in August.And things were much better in my day
  8. Cruise in May final one day in Istanbul west, one day Istanbul east, and all ports outbound and in prior

    My main interest is my camera and the Blue Mosque/Grand Bazzar

    Jack McH
  9. Staying Home :thumright:

  10. Defo Denmark to see my bro and my new nephew Gunnar in July, possibly Iceland in April and somewhere where the pound has not crashed through the floor in the late summar.
  11. Named after a North London football team perhaps??? :thumright:
  12. Just hope the poor kids surname isn't Rhea :thumright:
  13. No actually, his mother's family are Danish and Gunnar is a Scandanavian name.
  14. I would never have guessed. :thumright:

    Happy new year Rosie xxx
  15. PMSL :thumright: :dwarf:
  16. Just moved to Malta 9 weeks ago with the Mrs and the "Little Strimmer". So I suppose everyday is a holiday as I am a househusband now ...
  17. Bodmin-on-Sea for me again!
  18. Sunny Guzz, two weeks this year if I'm lucky, sat in a pool in the garden :)

    (With an umbrella up in case it rains again :D )
  19. Dogbin-sur-Mer maid :thumright:
  20. Tenerife on Tuesday for 10 days if I can get rid of this dratted cough by then and back to spend a couple of days in Bournemouth with friends (who should have been going with us, 'cept Rob has been banned from flying, and has to see a specialist on Thursday). Chatham in June for Euryalus Assoc weekend, and who knows what else the year will throw at us. Goodness its a hard life being retired!! :biggrin:

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