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Hello, I normally inhabit the forums over at ARRSE, but have a couple of questions someone here may be able to help me with.

I'm doing a MSc in ocean and offshore technology at Cranfield University, and my research project is titled 'An investigation into corrosion on the Holland 5 submarine'. I've visited the Holland 1 in the museum at Gosport, and I've dived the Holland 5 (with the correct licence and documentation) to take thickness measurements of the hull.

Despite my research I still haven't found definitive answers to the following questions:

Which submarine was the first commissioned into service in the RN? Where would this information be located?
Why did it sink whilst under tow in 1912?
What fittings and fixtures were removed prior to its final sale?
What would be peoples' general opinions on raising this wreck given that it will eventually corrode away?

If anyone knows the answers to these questions, or has any more information on the Holland class in general or the Holland 5 in particular I'd be very grateful.

Thank you.
There was a guy called Edwin Grey who wrote a very good book about the RN sub service before and during world war one called A Damned Un-English weapon which would give you some good background info on the early history of the sub service. I'm not sure if the book is still in publication, it might be but under a different title.

If the submarine museum can't help then try the national archives, there should be some kind of report on it in there.

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