Holidays4Heroes - We need your help again

See below, thanks folks.

Hols4Heroes said:
We've got another homeless case on the go, just in from a colleague in SSAFA.

They have filled in the relevant forms and are now lodged. we've found a property, RBL & SSAFA will provide a months rent & bond, but due to his circumstances, ie homeless & no history the landlord although very very helpful and sympathetic needs months, I've also sent a cheque for £150 to the estate agent who are working half price on this one due to a begging call made yesterday.

This one needs £484 asap.

We also have another veteran with pretty grim blast injuries, 14 years served. He has a gap between hospital sessions from 21-28th September for a quick break in Spain before the sun vanishes.

Can we help?

We need £404 for him and his wife and nippers air fare...... we have the accomodation and can have him picked up from the airport etc.

Paypal: [email protected]

HSBC: Holidays4heroes
Acct: 41416081

I could do with this one jobbing before end of month, as the Ryanair turds put their prices up on the 1st as its the month of travel.

Thanks for your continued support folks.

We're getting near Zero hour for the homeless guy folks so we need a cash injection quickly. Think about it now, it's millionaires weekend and a bank holiday too. Do you really need to p1ss up all weekend? And can you when you know that an ex-serviceman, one of us may be without a roof over his head? A tenner each off 40 of us would have him housed, that tenner won't make a dent in your extravagant bank holiday festivities will it?

Help them, please.

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