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Evening chaps and chapesses.

We are currently trying to raise some much needed money to send 4 forces widows and their families to Spain for a much needed holiday. If you are in a position to, and wish to donate, or merely see what Holidays4Heroes / HelpThemOut / SGT Slingsby are all about, please click on the link in my signature. It deosn't matter how small, your donations make a huge difference to peoples lives.

Feel free to PM me for further also.

All the best.

To everybody who has made a donation so far, thank you very, very much, you are making a huge difference. Big or small, every donation helps us get that little bit closer.

But we're not there yet! Please help if you can, if you can't then please just spread the word.

Thanks again.

Thanks Nobby, Thingy and all.

Weare now in a position to send two of the families. We still need to get the other 2 out there though. At the time of writing there are 62 people on RR inc members and lurkers. To put this into perspective, if everyone on RR right now bids a fiver then thats another family paid for instantly. A fiver, or one less bottle of cheap pisswasser in your tesco trolley this week.

I fully appreciate that in reality we can't all afford a fiver, so even if you can only offer 50p, that 50p is pushing us further toward the total we need, IT ALL COUNTS.

Keep it coming folks.



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Keep up the good work. :thumbleft:
Witsend I love your avatar. It must be galling driving your gay car around? Have you both tried therapy? ;)

Now Monty, how about a nice bear stoker type..... :biggrin:

Thanks again to all those who continue to contribute to Holidays4Heroes, keep it coming, we're nearly there. Even the tiniest contribution helps, it's all better than nothing.


Ex soldier, TA 10 Para prior to joining regular Army, NI & Granby etc.

Lost his home, left it too late to tell anyone he was in the crap. Current employer refused to finish him on a pension despite a multitude of injuries that are permanent.

What we need:

MDN has managed to get him in some temporary housing, ie paid for a B&B for ten days until we and other bodies can get him sorted. Managed to get an onside BnB owner who has given ten nights for £150...... happy with that.

I can get him in a house share, but need £300 bond and £300 rent up front. they will take a letter from me as his references as he is about to be going bankrupt. (Under advice)

We have the flash to bang time that other agencies don't.

If anyone knows a decent employment lawyer who would be happy to work on a no win no fee basis or would consider working the case with a view to taking wages from monies received I'd appreciate a call.

[email protected] [email protected]

Bank: HSBC - holidays4heroes
Sort code: 40-12-09
Acct No: 41416081

Can we do it?

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