Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by robbiemallon, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. is it possible to take 4 weeks holidays at the same time?
  2. When do you have in mind?
  3. If you have 4 weeks worth of leave, then yes it is possible to take 4 weeks solid leave.

    Of course, all leave is subject to the requirements of the service, you could be recalled back to unit at any time and any leave might come with recall restrictions i.e. you must be able to get back to your unit within x hours.
  4. might be august time, will still be in phase 2 training, is that an issue?

    cheers for the help
  5. Then no, around august/september time you will get 3 weeks summer leave.

    Your phase 2 timetable is quite tight in order to maximise the training pipeline throughput.

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  6. Think about it robbie. You will be on a training course. Do you think you will be able to catch up on four weeks' work on your return or that the other course members will hang around doing nothing whilst you're away?
  7. Raleigh will be closed 05 August to 05 Sep 2011 for their summer leave. Some of the phase 2 schools will also be closed for the same period. Which one are you going too??

  8. staying at Raleigh for chef training?
  9. Yes, you will be.
  10. Your start date for Basic is next year, isn't it, Robbie?
  11. *facepalms*
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  12. yeah start in march, was meant to leave last year but got injured, was pretty grim like!
  13. What were you planning in the way of a holiday?
  14. Ouch what a shame!!!
  15. 18 to 30s booze cruise?
  16. planning on inter railing with girlfriend, but might have to wait now an just do something else. booze cruise down in magaluf this summer!
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  17. Does anyone know if Collingwood closes anytime over christmas? I will be in my phase 2 hopefully and was simply wondering.

  18. Yep, 2 weeks leave, not sure of the exact dates - I'll have escaped well before then!
  19. But is it actual leave or do i hear you still have duties to be doing? I may have the complete wrong end of the stick!

  20. No idea of the duty roster, I've never been in a shoreside one.

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