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Thought joining the mob was a holiday, long sea cruises with your mates, visits to exotic places and eating and drinking exotic things, meeting exotic women, errr people and excellent medical attention to care for your wellbeing:rolleyes:.


War Hero
A holiday is like going on leave but instead of going home you go to the seaside, like Portsmouth or maybe Plymouth :cool:
But not the west coast of Scotland, not even if you were born there and your parents still live there and Pusser keeps sending you back as they think they are doing you a favour.......

And breathe.
So I have a family wedding going forward

in August, however it is abroad so we’ve turned it into a 5 day holiday.

I am hoping to join HMS Raleigh this year and was wondering what time off we get during the holidays. I’ve seen some posts about having august 7th-September 7th off but not sure how relevant these sources are being 5 years old.

Bonus on return to UK = Two weeks additional holiday locked down in a Quarantine Hotel (@£Mega PP...)

Mmmm - To quote the late, great Sergeant Wilson: Do you really think that's wise. . . ?

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