Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. Who's going where? Let the Black Catting Begin :)

    Off to the Netherlands next week, Centre Parcs (no I haven't won the lottery), going the week the Dutch kids go back to school so huge drop in prices :) (handy working for the Dutch)

    Overnight ferry too, so a bit of sea time hoorah :)
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  2. Tenerife tomorrow with the family ;)
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  3. Canada and the Rockies, fly out this week.
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  4. France in a couple of weeks to put the caravan to bed for the winter and to have a go at reducing the Euro wine lake!
  5. went to Cornwall back in June for a week, does that count? Nothing else planned.
    Last time out of UK for holiday was 2008 to wedding in Mauritius.

    Wrecks did that in 05 for 25 wedding trip, started in Vancouver, did a road trip up to Edmonton and back, had a great time, the locals almost speak English? enjoy.
  6. Off to Mogadishu, end of the month. 10 nights all inclusive.
    Nahhh - only joking. Got some work to do in Khatmandu
    so should be up in Yeti Land sometime in September.

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  7. Are you going mountain climbing ?
  8. My main customer are the Dutch, and when they come to Cambridge they say how hilly it is!! Cambridge Hilly? :confused:
  9. Off to Padstow area on Thursday, Twin Grandkids birthday, they are on holiday so we thought we would ruin it and show up? What kind grandparents we are?
  10. Make it up to them by buying them lunch at Rick Stein's gaff. Got to be better than a couple of 99's while dodging the Gulls.
  11. 99gulls more fun
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  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Twelverife yesterday with the family and friends
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  13. Fined a crate of beer for Black catting;)
  14. Vancouver island for a week next month, fishing, hiking and assisting a mate recirculate his rum stock.....
  15. Pick up a boat at Victoria to go whale watching, they forgot to say how much sea time was required to get to them?
    Ex Scab lifter I know, who went SD lives out their, near Victoria
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    How do you interpret the OP's intent?

  17. The original OP is an ex wafu, please be informed that wafus do not black cat, they black Panther;)
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  18. I suggest the intent is:



    Danger factor
  19. (1) 11.5 hours in a big iron bird
    (2) You really don't want to know. I'm still crying and the bank manager is having is hols courtesy of my bill
    (3) Scuba with sharks + a volcano (honestly) :)

    (I still like the idea of Billy's Yeti hunt)
  20. I thought you would've taken a bus to Margate, for a change of scene.

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