holidays while signing on

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by golden_rivet, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. The subject line should get a few of the regulars all fired up! :lol:

    Have had a job offer but no precise start date yet due to taking up of references etc. I'm going to go away (in the UK) for a couple of weeks as haven't had a proper hols for 3 years due to temping ...

    Anyway - anyone know if I can sign away from home? The Job Centre are insisting that I demonstrate that I'm still looking for work so I'm keeping an eye open still for possible jobs to apply for.

    Many years ago it was allowed to take a holiday if you were signing on - no idea these days. Anyone any idea? I don't get benefits anyway I'm only getting class 1 NI contributions paid.

  2. G R

    If you've already looked at , please disregard. As I read it, though, you could be away for 2 weeks from your local dole office and still get your stamp licked. So long as you can demonstrate at least 3 tasks per week in pursuit of a job, I'd say you were fireproof. The fact you aren't actually claiming benefit should make it less worth their while getting pi*sy with you.

    While you are away, why not call in at the local Job Centre and see if they have any suitably qualified jobs going gash? That would be worth just to bu*ger their stats up.

    Best of luck kidder.

    P o L
  3. Have a nice holiday GR.... not too much drinking mind (well the odd 3 pints and a rum chaser will be OK every night, I'm sure) :wink:

    Where are you off to?
  4. Thanks AAC - am off to a lovely little place called Mousehole in the west of England. Better look out the fishermans smock I bought in Sennon about 5 years ago and have never worn - mind you perhaps real fishermen will laugh at me if I wear it.

    I hope to test a few local ales but all in moderation :lol:

  5. Report if you spot Whitemouse hunting down all the village's Mars Bars... you just know who stored them all away when they go missing! :wink: :lol:
  6. Whilst there is nothing wrong with moderation equally the occasional overindulgence is quite OK too.

    Enjoy, havent been in that area for many years but it was good.
  8. Poor Loggie... it looks like he thanked himself! :lol:

    Teflon helmet donned, awaiting incoming.... :grin:
  9. To make your holiday really memorable, go in to a local pub and ask in a very loud voice "What's got eight hands and goes down well at Christmas?"

  10. Peter

    That is very Divisonal Officer-ish. Golden-Rivet Go for it get totally rat arsed every night, ignore the bun house advice.

    Nutty's Rule 3. If it is alcoholic, wet and paid for, Drink It, you do not have to like it.

    Happy Hols AAC went to Spain for his Hols.


  11. You evil swine Shakey - I've been to Mousehole at least 20 times if not more :roll:
  12. slight technical error there AAC - sorry Loggie :oops: :oops: :oops:

  13. since I will be buying my own pints I'll be adopting moderation Nutty. But thanks for the advice - did AAC really go to Spain for his holidays Nutty? Do you have any proof of that? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If you know someone in Mousehole why dont you say you are going there for a job interview on your signing on day, get your mate to verify that and bingo, get your expenses there and back paid thus giving you more wonga to get shedded with... :wink:
  15. Oh yee of little faith see picture of AAC and Morse on my front patio after lunch time sesh of wine and food 13th Feb 07 Take note of heavy winter clothing worn to protect said persons from the terrible sun rays.


  16. thanks Nutty - it's just started snowing here :wink:

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