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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by theone2029, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey this is probably a stupid question but, do you get certain holidays off in the RN (like christmas and new year) or does it depend on what your doing or where you based?
    I'm just waiting for my start date now but basically just want to find out anything I dont know.

    I always thought you would work over most holidays but have recently been told differnt.

    Many thanks
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You get 6 weeks paid leave per year plus all bank holidays.

    Whether you actually have the time off at the designated times is entirely dependent on where you are serving.
  3. Ahh ok so there is a possibility that I will work christmas and new years?
    I dont mind working through holidays and that, I expected I would when I started the process of joining.

    And I haveone other question non holiday related.

    I have defaulted on about 3 payments for a loan but I am currently making payments to them now as normal. Is there any chance that could affect my security check?

  4. What's the matter with you?
    Every day in the RN is a paid holiday!
  5. is this as*hole for real
  6. Probably not. I imagine he's a figment of our imagination.

    Thread hijack: What are the rules on taking holidays abroad during leave?
  7. Maybe he should join as a WU?
    Guaranteed his holidays then.
  8. Would'nt have happened in my day.
  9. What day was that then?
    Complete with paybook?
  10. No i always went to missmusters for payment with a chitty to cover my arse. Never got picked up for a hair cut . Who wanted tospoil a1950s d.a. and tony curtis?
  11. What??? You get time off nowadays??
    <Shakes head> Wouldn't have happened in my day.
  12. Generally not a problem. A mate of mine is currently somewhere like Vietnam, Thailand or around that area, he is visiting about five countries over the holiday period.
    There IS a list of no-goes but they are "pretty" obvious, like North Korea for example :)
  13. You're missing the point, Lamri. He may well be somewhere exotic like Vietnam, Thailand, etc, but does he have time to come home for a holiday?

    (Hahahaha! Yeah, yeah, I know, I just couldn't resist.)
  14. Theres always time, a mate went w/e to Australia. Needed to get his passport stamped to retain right of residence every 2 years and was close to the limit.
  15. Was he on the Massive?

  16. Trenchant

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