Holidays during training

Hi there just wondering if anyone can clear this up for me,
I'm joining Raleigh in a few weeks and I have worked out that I'll be attending phase 2 training at HMS Collingwood in the summer months. However all of my friends have arranged to go on holiday in the summer (mid-June).
I was wondering that during my phase 2 training do I get to choose my own holidays or is there set holidays already in place?
Basically I want to find out if I'll be able to go on holiday in mid-June lol
There are set Easter/Summer/Xmas leave periods at the training establishments

Summer is usually over the August month and won't be in June. As you will be in training you won't be able to take leave during your training unless it is of compassionate variety. You will of course get weekenders, and night leave if you are not duty.
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