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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by DoubleDuff, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    if I'm thinking of booking a holiday abroad, am I officially supposed to let Pusser know? Or ask their permission?

    I'd really rather not go through the route of request forms etc :hmph:


  2. Yes you do, in case of recall etc and also depends which country you are thinking of going to. UPO keeps a list of no-no countries etc and have all the rules.
  3. I find it hard to comprehend how someone who has served for the time you claim to have done needs to ask such a question.

    Why the problem with a request form? It's not that onerous a task. Very odd.
  4. Does the Request Form still start off withe the words,
    Request to see the Commanding Officer, through the Executive Officer, through Divisional Officer,through telescope. Or has it changed?
  5. It used to Tre, not sure with JPA. I haven't seen one for ages.
  6. Still done on forms.
  7. The basic gist I got was you had a make Pusser aware/ask permission in case you were either more than 48 hours away (in case of recall purposes), and that you weren't visiting a sensitive area (like China, Argentina or NI)

    Is it stated somewhere in a BR or JSP that you have to declare anything? I cannot find any reference to it anywhere on paper...
  8. Why is letting pusser know such a big deal? You going to Thailand or one of the 'men friendly' Greek islands?
  9. The Island of Lesbos is certainly not 'men friendly'!!!
  10. No. That's why I didn't say Lesbos.
  11. Just go. If your phone rings, don't answer it.
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  12. On the other hand, you could just ask the UPO...
  13. I asked him and he said he can go, no probs.
  14. Just out of curiosity, where are you hoping to go to?

    It's possible that it's somewhere another Rum Rationer has been to and he/she might be able to offer tips on good places to visit.
  15. There's usually some info in the Standing Orders of what ever establishment or unit you are at.
  16. In my day you didn't have to ask pusser to go on holiday ... they took you there for free! Step onboard thet sleek grey warrior of death in rain soaked pompey dockyard and next thing you know you're in some bar in forgeign climes ogling the fanny!
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  17. Details of the no-no countries are in JSP 440.

    Still done on the request form before submitting it through JPA though or it should be. As always, check SGOs and the local UPO for their routines.

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