Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by seafarer1939, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Was looking to go to Cyprus for the first time since '57 but my neighbour who went self catering said the toilet arrangements are very very primitive in Cyprus due to lack of flushing water.
    Is this the case?Can't see it myself with the influx of holiday makers but she swore it was correct.
    Anyone know what North Cyprus is like,I know it's really Turkey but what's it like and is it worth it.
    As we are knocking on we just want a leisurely hassle free couple of weeks.
    thanks if you can.
  2. Smally drains cannot cope with all the new(ish) accom built for tourists, bog paper goes into bin at side of loo instead of being flushed, bin emptied every day by cleaners. Go and enjoy yourself SF and forget the scare stories.
  3. I worked in Lefkosia (Nicosia) N. Cyprus for four months about 6 years ago.
    Toilets in my hotel and the factory I worked in had standard toilets and the bog roll flushed away OK. Lets face it if a bog can consume an ex matelots turds then paper should be no problem.
    Northern Cyprus is a great place and far cheaper than the South.
  4. thanks for the replies,I'm not worried about the bog paper.The wife is kinda fussy though.
    I'll go North I reckon.cheers
  5. Seafarer
    I reckon you should rent our villa in Mazarron Southern Spain
    Good rate for RR members
  6. Appreciate the offer but this holiday is going to be in a 4* hotel in Cyprus this time ,not that your villa is not like a 4*,but it's service from waiters,chefs,barmaids,sauna's and beauty treatments for the wife[not me!]etc
    Had good holidays in villas before so I will keep you in mind as I intend to a have a few in the future,bloody kids are not getting my cash,I'm spending the lot by including a lot of holidays.Cheers
  7. I'm currently drafted to Cyprus (near Famagusta). Most of the bigger resorts and hotels have toilets that can take shit paper. Some of the smaller / older ones, the paper goes in a bin.

    The north is better. By far the best place I've stayed is the Almond Holiday Village near Kyrenia. You and your wife would love it. Look it up on tripadvisor.
  8. Is the border fully open now? By that I mean can you fly to the South and holiday in the North
  9. The border is fully opened now. I was at JSSU(Cyprus) in 2003 when they opened it, mayhem it was! You could fly directly into Southern Cyprus and holiday in the North (not sure if that can be booked as a package though, perhaps separately). However, if you had a hire car you'd of course have to get valid insurance for the 'North'. Not sure how the hire car companies work but insurance is avaiable on the border. You could also consider flying directly to the North although this would be via mainland Turkey. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks Chaz
    I was also in n.Cyprus when the borders first opened but initially it seemed to be a day routine and you were not allowed to carry baggage through from the North to the South, the Northern side didn't mind most of the hassle came from the South side.
    Flying to the North is a right load of hassle, done it several times and it adds hours to the journey plus it is more expensive.
    Might just have to use some air miles and fly to the South then holiday in the North. :p

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