Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Trooped_Again, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Hey folks,

    I'm legging it on leave for a couple of weeks, back to Bonnie Jockland.

    Not been back since March, not too long, but long enough for the UK to get a new Prime Minister and Scotland to get a new Government.

    Anything else I've missed?

    If there is anyone over 'here' that would like something brought back, when I come back (within reason!) PM me TODAY!

  2. kilts are illegal now mate - got to keep your knackers covered up
  3. Bugger! What about the tight tartan leather hot pants and matching chaps?
  4. you'll be fine in those - pictures please ;) ;) ;)
  5. Thanks for the offer, here's my shopping list:

    Twins, long legged, big boobs, totally into themselves, blonde of course, also they don't mind paying for some decent whisky. Not shy and under 30. Thongs totally acceptable, good wit, decent conversation, and lips that could take the chrome of a '54 chevy. Must wear stockings.

    If they can cook a decent leg of lamb - bonus.

    Apart from that, enjoy the neeps and tatties with your haggis on your hols and keep a weather eye open for the above. Send by FedEx to Hong Kong. C/o One Scribe for the use of.


  6. How wide is your viewing screen? You may need to use two, side-by-side.

    Dunno how I'm going to get the other cheek in though.
  7. What happened? Who shut Wang Chai?

    Can't stop re-reading your initial request.........hehehe....Phwoar!

    Am I sending 1xScribe, for the use of...or...1xScribe for the use of?

    T_A (aka Pendantic big barsteward!!)
  8. You package them son, they'll find me! Not many blondes in Wan Chai, a lot of LBFMs but one likes to vary one's diet!

    Not many scribes in this part of the world so immigration and FedEx know where to deliver the goodies!!

    GPS not required. Good hunting, by the way. You can test the goods to see if they pass the mandatory requirement - free of charge. One scribe to another.

  9. if you could just pop into the Gold Souk, and fill up a carrier bag or two I will be able to help you distribute it around the needy & greedy, for a small fee of course.........

    Otherwise a very large planeful of blotting paper would probably go down well in the midlands at the moment:tp: :tp:
  10. FF, tried the carrier bag thing with the Gold Souk, you did of course forget to add "and pay for it", now wanted by Police and have had to drop the bags with the booty in them. Currently hiding in the toilet paper factory, for obvious reasons. The have three ply bog roll here, would that work?

    Also, have contacted local contact in Scotland who has suggested tampons, seemingly more absorbent, wouldn't know of course. (Also something about English and Lady Parts, don't know what he means!)

    Anyway, back to my current situation, may not be able to fly out after all, due to the "Police Wanted" posters being stapled to every camel. Will need an alternative ploy, was thinking about getting the wife to do a bit of exotic dancing whilst I sneaked past the Airport Cops, but not sure, Geneva Convention, unusual punishments, tortures, etc., the Cops might sue me.

    Anyway, must dash, I can hear the Police......Sting hasn't got any better, has he?

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