Hello everyone and before you all have a go at me im only asking this question because im curious.
I was wandering how you go about booking holiday when you are in the navy? Obvioulsy you get an allocated number of days each year but what is the process of booking them? Are you told when you can have them or as long as your not at see can you have them as you wish?

Just wandering
Many thank Kris
We have set leave periods every year, usually aligned with school holidays. 2 weeks at Xmas and Easter and 3 weeks in the summer. However, it all depends where you are and what you are doing. For example, if your ship/squadron is away you obviously take leave when you get back. At the end of the day your manpower controller/line manager will help.

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Depends where you are, what you're doing, what your role is etc.

Some places have fixed leave periods, others have longer leave periods within which everyone has to negotiate taking time off whilst covering the job and some don't restrict when you take the time as long as you get the job done.

i believe that you are trying to get into AET world - at Sultan they are very strict on th eleave periods - no leeway whatsoever. however once out in the real world if you are trying for Sk Mk4 then you would be advised to see the SMR asap and volunteer for evry shi**y job going and maybe even do a retard leave duty. always handy to have a week or two in the pocket. however go for harriers and they work to crab rules and you take your leave when you want within reason.