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Anyone know anything about the above?
Although I have prostate cancer I can get insurance without claiming for anything related to it whilst abroad[but expensive] but now my wife has been refused by four companies because she has an operation on her shoulder[not serious] booked end of August!No one will accept her.
Is it poss.just to take out insurance without medical,just for delayed flights,accidents etc.
We are going to Spain or maybe the Greek Island cruise and have a EU medical card.
It's years since we went abroad so I'm out of touch.
Thanks if you can help.
I'm sure there's an answer as I've heard of people going away without insurance.
There are companies that will cover you for pre-existing medical conditions, with some provisos. The one that springs to mind is Rothwell and Towler, you can all them on 0845 90 80 161 and check if you can get fully covered for all your needs.


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Does your bank account have any inclusive perks? Worth checking, mine includes free global travel insurance for my whole family.
Sorry to return to this but I'm having trouble getting my head around it all.
Due to my medical problem I visit hospital and the doctors surgery a lot,I often see foreign nationals including a lot of Poles and other EU nationals in there.
I asked them and they don't have insurance,they are entitled to treatment being members of the EU so why can I not go abroad in the EU without incurring tremendous excess charges,if I can get insurance.
I've got a feeling the odds are stacked away from my direction.
Think I'll ask my MP to sort it.

Do feel agrieved though,my wife and I could use a break as we have saved up a fair bit for a summer/winter cruises, guess HMS Ocean may do as long as it isn't the first Ocean I served on!what a wreck she was.
Exciting when you are 16 though.
I'll get it sorted thanks again for the help.
Get along to your local Post Office and apply for your E111. You will then get a plastic card in the post some days later - this is valid for a number of years. I live in Spain and when backed up by your passport, any Spanish health centre (Centro de Salud) will treat you, as will any ambulance you call out.
thanks for that,I've got those for both of us that's why I fail to understand all this massive insurance quotes[and barred acceptance] from the insurers.
I'll close it and thank all for their help.Regards
seafarer1939 said:
thanks for that,I've got those for both of us that's why I fail to understand all this massive insurance quotes[and barred acceptance] from the insurers.
I'll close it and thank all for their help.Regards
Do NOT close it, not just for yourself, but so others can locate the true information when needed

Basically you take travel insurance (sometimes provided free with certain bank accounts ROYALTYS GOLD RBS etc) you need to report any current medical problems, ie if you have had a stroke or are liable to a heart attack or something that MAY cause a problem

Medicl operations carried out are usually exempt, unless say your -partner has just had a new artifical hip or arm socket fitted and it is not fully healed yet

Other than that you do not declare and use your E111 (or its new equivelent card) if needed

At the time my recent stroke followed by a heart attack had to be declared and I was in what appears to be the same boat as you
After lots of phoning around, and either extrotionate premiums or refusal ASDA Let me have insurance for an additional £25 for fourteen days

After a year not needed to declare

Wife hip replacement declared whilst it was in its first six months Again ASDA were good

Now heart condition/hypertension under control no excess needed

Hip no longer a problem (well apart from they fzzd up and she is now paralised)

Wheelchair on a cruise NO PROBLEM, dealt with respect and exceptional assistance, which is aslo done with air travel
Hey even I get to ride the buggy and board first

Jack McH
Whilst the Euro helth scheme is good one has to remember that you get the local service not NHS, in France that means you pay at the time of treatment and claim back, elsewhere you only get what they term emegency treatment. There is also the possible problem of re-patriation should your problems be serious. In my opinion it is always worth getting what you can afford to top up the Euro scheme
When I said I would close it I meant that I would stop asking any more questions , not for any stop on the article, I know how valuable it can be especially the advice I've been given.
Funny enough the answer to my questions was printed in an article in the News of the World Sunday gone,coupled with the advice given I'm a lot clearer now thanks to all.
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