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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by seafarer1939, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. The only overseas holidays I've had recently have been to the States to see sons and the money problem was easy.
    They advised me and gave me what I needed and I gave them a cheque when the holiday ended.
    Now I'm going to Cyprus for a fortnight and I'm out of touch with the best way to carry money.
    I'll take maybe a £200 or 200 Euro's in cash but what is the current best way to secure the rest.
    I don't want to use my credit card so is it Travellers cheques in sterling or Euro's or perhaps just carry enough and go to the local Barclay's when I'm there.
    Can some well travelled RR advise me?
    Thanks if you can.
  2. Having been based in Cyprus for 3 years their exchange rate always bettered that of the UK, travellers cheques maybe the way ahead and change them over there. They're also insured against theft etc.
  3. The wife and I try and get abroad two or three times a year (at least we did until she got up the duff). Our usual drill is to inform the bank first, explain where we are off to and find out what charges, if any, will be accrued if we use an ATM in that particular Country.

    Once that's all sorted we just use our cards in the cash point as usual, suffering a small percentage charge for the privilege (usually about 2%).

    Only exception was when we went to Africa and the Amazon, both of which are fairly devoid of cash machines. We found the best bet was to bite the bullet and get around £200 worth of local klebbies and stash it on your person.
  4. These cards are also available 'over the counter' in Thomsons, not sure of the cost (if any) though. I used Thomsons prior to my draft across the pond in April for my dollars. Basically went in there and told them the best rate I could find both on the high street and on-line and could they better it. They did, job done!
  5. I would tend to take cash to a relatively safe country, especially if you can't really see yourselves going nuts in night clubs and waking up naked on a beach.

    In addition I would take a MasterCard, ensuring I had the international number to cancel it if it was lost.

    In my opinion travellers cheques make you vulnerable to robbery from the point of exchange.
  6. For years now I've travelled to a wide range of countries and obtained cash from ATMs and used a Visa Card to pay for things like Restaurants etc. Usually rates are good and charges OK. Maybe just change a modest sum at the airport en-route for immediate requirements on arrival.
  7. thanks for the replies,it's given me something to work on.
    Late night Disco's and staggering back to the hotel with a chance of being mugged ain't my thing any more so I reckon it will be as you have advised.
    Years ago was advised by my sons in the USA to carry two wallets,one with a $20 bill the other well hidden with the main cash.
    don't think I need that in Cyprus.Thanks again.
  8. Hi

    I use this website to get my foreign money (link). I usually take 500 euros in cash split between myself, the good lady and our suitcases for the journey.

    Once abroad, I use my credit card in places that I trust, cash in those that I don't and ALWAYS use the room safe. I find that I need to carry my passport to use my credit card so it's best to use cash if you are planning/expecting to drink too much.

    I'll use ATMs but take extra care that there is nothing dodgy with it before you put your card in and make sure that nobody is rubbernecking your PIN number.

    Happy Hols.

  9. I see that a link to moneysavingexpert has already been posted, but as I think the site is so well worth visiting (for anything financial not just travel) I'll post it again, but with a bigger plug. This site has literally saved me hundreds over the few years I have been using it and checking for deals etc.
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aye, Martin Lewis may be a tit IMHO, but he does run a very good honest and helpful website.
  11. thanks again for the tips,just as a rider,I phoned the holiday firm yesterday to query something else and asked the question I should have asked in the first place.
    They warned me not to take travellers cheques as more and more places will not cash them.
    I'll go with some of the replies.
    It's looking like I'll trouser £400 and use my card in a bank for the rest.Regards
  12. Seafarer, as I'm sure you already know, if you have something fairly expensive to buy it is worth using your MasterCard as the item will then be insured. This applies to your travel tickets etc, giving you another layer of protection if the travel firm messes up or the holiday is cancelled.

    Have a good trip!
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I hope you are insured. I'm like a bloodhound when i get the scent.
  14. Added him to the spam bonfire earlier ...........
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You're an angel Sol :hug:
  16. Something that served me well when I lived in France for a year. Get a debit card account set up with Nationwide building society. It doesn't cost a thing to get and they should send you a debit card within a week. You can use that card abroad to make withdrawals at any cash point without any extra charges whatsoever. PLUS and this is a big plus..!! The rate you get for your foreign money is the business rate and not the tourist rate.. The business rate is consistently better than the tourist one! I think youre limited to around 300 Euros withdrawal per day but that should hopefully be enough! :)

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