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Bob, we holiday in Cyprus frequently. We go to a small fishing village called Pissouri. Beautiful unspoilt area in easy driving distance of the airport and the bigger towns and the Troodos mountains. The last two occasions we booked a 2 bed villa there, can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I'll look for the leaflet when I go home if you're interested.
Went there on a visit with my Boss, we went out to Pissouri for a meal at a Taverna, which I am certain was called the Bunch of Grapes - utterly fantastic food. The rest of the Island (and we did a big old tour) seemed barren.

We've just come back from Menorca (our 7th in 9 years), stayed in Cala'n Bosch in the SW. Had a villa, reasonably priced, ate out at the marina every night (~60 Euro for 4), but flights were eye watering. That apart I love menorca, quite quiet, but superb beaches and waterspouts, friendly locals and no groups of chavs.
Bob,Did 3 years at JSSU(Cyprus)....The north is bar far the better half of the Island (IMO), no where near as commercialised as the south, Kyrenia is the main town and is superb, cheap accom and good food, another suggestion would be to venture up the 'Pan Handle' (the top right bit), lovely area and largely untouched. Of note, you'll need to make sure your hire car has the correct insurance to venture over the north too!The west side of Southern Cyrpus is IMO far more attractive that the East. Paphos is great as are Polis & Latchi, both are alot quieter than the main tourist traps. If you're going to venture up the into the hills then I'd recommend Kakopetria, stunning scenery and some good scran to be had too.If you're going to pay a visit to Nicosia then if they still do them, I'd recommend a guided tour of the 'Green Zone', well worth it and very intersting.You must have a full Meze while your there, about 15-20 courses, and you'll be there all evening. If you like cheese then give Halloumi (aka squeaky cheese), lovely when grilled.Drop me a PM if there's any other questions you may have.Enjoy
Just be careful while motoring around etc. I've rarely driven anywhere more terrifying than some parts of Cyprus. Locals are barmy.

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I've just got back from 3 weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia, try driving through Hanoi, Phnom Penh or Saigon. Mental doesn't even approach it.

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