Hole in The Wall

Well, last and purely in the name of research, I went into Charles'
Hole in The Wall in Gib. I took my wife in with me for support......... Some of you other PSOFs may already have heard that it is closing down. It is true.

Now the point of this post is to let you know that he is getting rid of all the memorabilia that is in there when he finally closes. He has no idea of what he has or the value, so, if there might be something you fancy, check it out on FB. Just as an example, there is an ensign from Argonaut!

He does make fine JCs........
I took this especially for you lot, by day and by night. Salubrious, hey?

Charles was fine, but upset about the way things were/are going. The place hasn't changed at all! As we walked in I said 'God, I haven't been in here for 30 years!' Funnily enough, just as we were leaving, another couple came in and both said 'God, we haven't been in here for 30 years!' He was a sundodger as well!

20150904_111023[1].jpg 20150904_211112[1].jpg
Maybe some of the collection should go to the RN museum? I rememeber the old HMS Sheffield ensign that was signed by the crew in 82 in the Charles' surely thats worth saving for the nation

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