Hole found in nuclear submarine

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bigwhiteshark, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. SAFETY fears have been raised after a hole was discovered in the hull of a nuclear submarine berthed in the Firth of Forth. The hole – about the size of a fist – was found during routine checks on the decommissioned sub HMS Revenge at Rosyth Dockyard. The vessel is one of seven redundant nuclear subs stored at Rosyth by the Royal Navy since the early 1980s

  2. Holy boats! That's a miracle. Perhaps the boat should be renamed HMS St. Revenge! :biggrin:
  3. It'll probably end up being bought by the canucks. We seem to like your old things...
  4. Wonder if they found that **** mag I dropped back in 79 whilst they were fiddling about down there ?
  5. Visited the Alliance whilst in Pompey recently it really is in a sad state.
    Surely the old girl is worth a clean up and a coat of paint.The inside however is in good order much as the boat was when runnning.
  6. Of course there is a hole. you have to let the steam out . There is probably a rubber plug on a chain hanging around somewhere?
  7. Seem to remember a certain "O" boat coming out of refit in Pompey. A year and a half later a wooden bung was found inserted in the pressure hull plugging a two inch hole. Luckily it had been inserted from outside to in! Don't you just love em.

  8. I thought thats was where they put the coal through.
  9. 'Microbes in the water'........it don't bare thinking about. How deep is the basin they're all in. Maybe the S boats could survive the dip but I think the Bombers may well reach collapse depth. Maybe we could give the hulks to China; then they won't have to bother snooping around and about ferreting out secrets from Western industries.
    And on the subject of China...Take aways and the amount of MSG's in their scan...are we being attacked from within?
  10. I think that O boat was a P boat the Rorqual. It came out of a refit with a wooden bung through the pressure hull.
  11. Local rumour has it that it will be an excuse for Babcock to try and see if they can 'dock down' a nuclear boat so that when they close Guzz all will be well in Gordon's back yard. QED.
  12. Borrocks.

    Babcock have an ongoing requirement to dock down the Rosyth boats on a regular basis. What they don't have any more is a licence to dock down live nuclear boats (ie still fuelled).
  13. The really amusing thing is the time it has taken to hit the nationals, this was all over the local rags and local radio a week or so ago. Just shows you how quick the nationals are.
  14. It's called a slow or no news day, or Churnalism, as opposed to good journalism :thumright: :thumright:
  15. This just in:-

    Princess Di is dead (still)...and that's official.
  16. With our decommisioned boats sitting rusting away what would I do with them. Obviously we can't use them all as museums but how about the first of each class. The rest, sad to say, they've got to go. Scuttled to the bottom of the ocean. Afterall they do it to skimmers.
    I'd like one in my back garden, it'd just fit but a few of my neighbours would lose daylight for most of the year!
    It would break my heart to see them go but...go they must!
  17. Then again....there's always the Japanese slant on things:-


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