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Hi guys, got my interview and medical next week, so hopefully will be in a holding troop soon, just curious as to what goes on of a normal evening? and any ideas when the next recruit troop will be starting? I'll be joining Dundee det by the way.


Anyone know if you can attend holding troop while in preparation for the regulars? I know it's for RMR but as their isn't really something like it for regulars I thought they might let you attend to improve your fitness before selection. Cheers.

Yeah you can attend holding troop if waiting to join the regs, you need to have all your admin (medical pjfa interview and eye test) all squared away first though.

Holding troop is predominantly phiz so that the pti's can prepaire you for the selection weekend and to tell you what sort of fitness you should be getting. As a bonus you may get to sit in on some lessons etc.
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