Holding Troop

_JAMIN_ said:
Off to holding troop later - any idea what they have store for us?

Looking forward to seeing how fit I think I am!
Welcome to RR mate. What unit you joining?

One things for sure - no matter how fit you are as a civvy, Military fitness will fck you till your body gets used to it!!

I know a guy who ran marathons and was a fell runner - fit as feck!! .........and while he managed a lot of phys with ease, put him in a pair of boots with a bergan on his back, or on his belt buckle leapord crawling in his fighting order and he was ball-bagged!! Its a completely different kind of fitness.

Good luck!!
Joining RMR Bristol, Poole Det.

Holding troop was good - 5 of us - prob due to the footy - all good lads - did a basic circuit, small run and a lesson on the GPMG.

Looking forward to next week
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