Discussion in 'RMR' started by miffta, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi All
    Holding troop at liverpool rmr starts on tuesday 27th, is anyone attending?
    I will be, just one problem.... I had a bad bout of cold/flu which put me out of training for a while so i'm not as fit as i would like to be.. :cry:

    Anyone got any idea what holding troop has in stall for us ???? :idea:

    if your going i'll see you there..

    :lol: Thanks all for reading :lol:
  2. alrite mate.

    i attended 6 holding troop nights before my selection last year (only 6 as i didnt know it existed til the last minute) and i was certainly at an advantage over those who hadnt gone.

    holding troop lets you get to kno your troop members before selection which means you will already have mates on the weekend and can get on with the tasks in hand rather than worryin about who to sit with at scran!

    it guides you in the right direction with your phys, pointing out your weak areas.

    it allows you to get to grips with the "system". by the time you get to selection weekend you will know the various personalities in the training team, you know the building, and you are starting to know how things work. all advantages over those not in HT.

    the nights i attended consisted of light phys (although i didnt consider it light at the time!) circuits etc. practice runs of BFTs, lectures on basic RM work, lectures from the Recruit Troop at the time about training which was very useful, the odd fun night when breaking up for summer leave where we played the trained ranks at various sports, and more phys.

    the phys is nothing to lose sleep over, as long as you show bags of effort you will be fine. the emphasis is on improvement over time geared towards selection, and time is certianly one thing you have bags of.

    one of our recruit troop has been backtrooped and will be in holding troop with you. he is a right laugh and we were all gutted to lose him, he really does keep the smiles up when the chips are down. you'll spot him right away!

    do i know you miffta? were you there for the potential recruit night a few weeks ago when two recruits came in and gave you a little talk? if so, i was the one with dark hair.

    anyway, good luck, and see you around the unit.

  3. HI Halford, Thanks for the reply and the very useful info. :lol:

    I came for a test and presentation night about 2 weeeks ago we didnt have a talk from any recruits but we did go into 2 classrooms one with fully trained reservists & and one with recruits so you might have seen me then.

    Can i just ask you what time the holding troop &/or the training nights usually finish? as i have to get liverpool central trainstation afterwards,

    Also when you go on weekend exercises what time time do you have to arrive at HMS Eaglet? i ask this as i work shifts from 16:00 until 12:00 just wondering if i'll have to change shifts

    Thanks in advance to all who read / reply..
  4. check your PMs mate.
  5. Hi hoping you can help, just in the process of joining the RMR, had the test and go for interview and medical this wednesday, also got PJFT but not sure of how long i get on the tredmill to do my 1.5 mile as i am a little older than most. can you help
  6. i dont have a definitive answer but i think i can help.

    we did the second half of the BFT (1.5 miles best effort) last week in boots and had 11 mins 30 seconds to do it. one lad is 30+ and he got an extra 30 seconds.

    without boots you have to do it in 10 mins 30 seconds so i would imagine if you fall into the same age bracket as him you would get 11 mins.

    i would clarify this tho, ring your AFCO they will tell you.

  7. HI Halford & Thanks for your responses.

    Holding troop starts tomorrow But i'm a bit dubious about attending as i've just got over Flu & Now i've had a stomach bug so i'm recovering from that now (GREAT TIMING).
    I really want to attend all of the holding troop sessions if i can, but i feel really worn out and drained. I'll just have to see how i feel tomorrow.

    One quessy whilst i'm here, Once the recruit training starts and you get issued your kit where does it get stored, (i.e can it be taken home to be washed & ironed etc) or does it have to stay at the training building ????

    Thanks agian to all who read Or reply
  8. Mifta
    You should be able to take your kit home with you to be washed and ironed. It would be a complete nightmare if 30 phase 1 nods were trying to get their kit organised for inspection on a parade night.
  9. nutty, i can tell you, it is a nightmare!!

    after your selection weekend you will have an induction weekend where you recieve all your kit.

    after that i took all my kit home to mark it and just generally sort it out. i then took it all back to the unit and put it my locker which is easily big enough for all your gear.

    you are free to take stuff home to wash and iron it but your locker needs to be ready for the weekly inspections and so it all needs to be in unit for the drill nights.

  10. Halford
    Times must have changed then mate, was on board at my unit from 1990-95 and we were allowed to take all our rig home
  12. Bloody Hell! Do you really work 20 hour shifts? What do you do for a living?

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