Holding Troop...does it work?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by stinkfire9816, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. As some one who is going to be involved in a forth coming Holding Troop. I was wondering if anyone who has done it recently has any thoughts.
  2. The phys sessions give you a good idea of what to expect (lots of hard phys :twisted: ), and they'll help you get up to selection fitness. You do need to do a lot in your own time though. One session a week for an hour or so isnt anywhere near enough, it just gives the training staff a chance to see how your fitness is going.

    there isnt really a way holding troop CANT work. the err, ball is in your court as they say. It's all on you to do the phys, you can drop out anytime you like. The training staff know what you need to be doing, but it's up to you to do it.
  3. Cold and wet cheers for that, I am actually part of the ENEMY that is the training team. This is my first venture on this site, just gettin a feel for the place. Did you enjoy what it gave you?
  4. what det. you going for?
  5. Bitty
    I am all ready in a det? Up northern ways like!!
  6. holding troop is good, gives you a good initial insight into the RMR and gives you an idea of the fitness work you need to be doing in your own time. ours could have been made more interesting by getting the odd lecture rather than purely phys, maybe we will get that this time, who knows.
  7. Iceman where are you in the grand scheme of things?
  8. Alright Stinkfire

    Im joining the next recruit troop in August/September (RMR Scotland, Edinburgh Det) and will be contacting my unit shortly to find out about dates for holding troop.

    From a newcomers perspective, I think it would be good to work on the core fitness prinicipals that a Recruit would experience thoughout the course, such as running, rope work, hill sprints, circuits etc and also a few lectures to give everyone a general idea of how it all comes together.

    Im not sure how feesible it would be, but getting out into the field to conduct some basic adventure/fitness type training and a chance to view the Phase 2 Recruits "doing the job" would be great too.

  9. im at london, doing things second time around but havent been to holding troop for a while because im injured :(
  10. I went Holding troop for my first time last night, thought I was getting my fitness back, as I've been training for a few weeks beforehand, it was still very hard going, but afterwards you love it.Can't wait till Sept.
  11. Holding troop is a good introduction to life on board in an RMR unit. The idea is to get you up to the MINIMUM standard of fitness that is needed to get through the selection phase. Godd luck with it mate, did mine in feb 1991 on a cold weekend in Deal. In the oggin, out the oggin, firemans carries up the beach, down the beach!! Get the idea :wink:
  12. I also went to my first holding troop last night(LIVDET) There was 3 of us there,(due to football i believe) one of the lads there who went last week said there was about 12 lads there last week. we were given a timetable for each holding troop. each week the night is divided into 2 sections, Half classroom or Drill & half Phizz.... which to me is much more usefull and interesting than just pure phizz. it will also take some pressure off when / if you start Training..

    I really enjoyed it although we didnt get to do any phizz due to time restrictions and paperwork also a lack of PTI i think...

    Definately going next week. The two reservists doing the holding troop
    were very good at what they were doing..

    Attending Holding troop will definately give you an advantage when you go for selection weekend and also in training if you get selected

    Thanks all who read this!!!!!
  13. Holding Troop, like most things in the forces has its good and bad points.

    Good being:-

    Insight for the lads
    Knowledge of the RMR
    Dispels fears

    Bad points:-
    No real ownership by units
    Bad image when “the football is on†no one turns up!
    No structure i.e. you can only take lads for Phys that have the correct paper work.
    A percentage (but not all) guys drop out prior to the selection due to the duration of holding troop.

    Holding Troop should be no more than 1 month prior to the Selection weekend, with all paper work complete. This would dispel the fear of the Selection weekend, and building up nice and easy for the tests.

    I have seen guys miss the bar, because they were ill prepared by the Det, Careers office or just a blind sales pitch to get lads across the gate.

    “Teach in, rather than fail and outâ€

    Drip over :shock:
  14. Think my holding troop duration was around 2 months long. Come to think of it i agree with your bad points harry, the Cpl in charge at the time wasn't really interested and we were left to get on with it a bit. Once phase 1 started however it got a lot more structured.

  15. I joined holding troop in Feb last year with nearly nine months before the next intake. Pretty crazy time to wait and guess what happened? I severely injured myself a month and a half before the selection weekend.

    To say I was gutted is an understatement. However, I’m OK now and looking forward to the next intake.

    I totally agree HT should be run two months before, maybe three doing it every other week and as I believe some dets do already split the night between phys and practical learning, this must surely save some time should potentials pass their selection weekends.

  16. The Holding troop at livDet is going to be split into half phys & half lesson i think.
    In total there is going to be about 22 nights planned, the lessons cover basic military Training (Map reading, Drill, Intro to Weapons, Ration Packs etc)
    And are repeated at least once & sometimes twice throughout the 22 weeks... This is so late joiners dont miss out.

    The alternate half of the night is for phys (Circuit training / Running / Aerobics / Ropes etc) We Were told that phys training during Holding troop Will NOT be progressive due to late starters not being able to fit in (which makes sense)

    Hope this helps anyone Who is interested.....

    Anyone here attending liverpool holding troop ??????

    Just one more......
    Passed my medical / interview today..... Just got my PJFT left now..

  17. Hi evryone, as you probabley gathered (as I am a regular blogger) I have just joined holding troop, got till Sept to get myself fit, can anyone tell me what exactly do you have to do on the selection weekend, how far am I expected to run, will I be beasted before the run? and how fit do I really have to be?
  18. Hello matey,

    This is probably the best run down of what the weekend will entail. Again depending on what unit you are at things may change but it gives you a good idea:


    All tests will be conducted with a thorough warm up (read: beasting!). Farking 16 pull ups, I should be so lucky! And I don't know what 15/5 means on the bleep test, I guess you should aim for level 11 +

    Good luck buddy!

  19. 15/5, thats a pretty high target to attain!! I only remember one person in said unit that could do that. And that was me.lol
  20. I'm doing HT at Bermondsey myself in preperation for the regulars. And from what I've experienced I'm a fair ways off the fitness level required but what I get from it, other than a good ol' beasting is ideas and what sort of training to do by myself. We've had one interest lecture so far and I hope a few more to come. And the bermondsey detatchment does intakes once a month for holding troop (I reckon on a fairly continuous basis). I disagree with a short period of holding troop as well. I see HT as kind of a practice session. And I want as much practice as I can get.

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