Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by delboy2028, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. hello new to the forum :) joining the navy

    so far passed entrance exam and eye test.

    got my application put on hold due to having a CCJ so just had to sell my car to pay CCJ off so i can then continue my app :)
  2. just out of curiosity why because i have a 500 quid CCJ did the put my application on hold.

    i am paying it at a tenner a month i can afford to live.

    my AFCO said it has to be paid with PROOF from the court so am paying it saturday/monday nd gunna get the court paper work but still why..
  3. County Court Judgement.......................if you don`t know why, then I can only suppose that they did`nt accept you on common sense, which you seem to lack.
  4. Another Graduate joining the ranks then eh!
  5. bit out of order that ! i asked a question all i wanted was a reply that aided into why a CCJ is such a bad thing in the Navy.
  6. It's to do with financial responsibility and maturity, I believe. If you can't manage your finances to the point that you have to go to court to sort them it isn't a good sign.

    You are also deemed more likely to accept cash when Johnny Foreigner asks you to take some pretty pictures of the ops room on your warship for him, I think.
  7. It`s a bad thing in Civvy Street mate, suggest you look up exactly what a CCJ is, good job that we don`t have debtors prisons anymore eh?
  8. Concur Hig,

    Just how desperate is the Navy Why indeed
  9. You sold your car to pay off your 500 quid CCJ at ten quid a month.

    How much did you get for the car?

  10. the ccj i got i have had when i got my first flat leaving school.

    back then i was irrisbonsible with bills etc.. am not older nd more mature with my debts.

    just never realised how much trouble it would cause joinging the navy.

    but thanks timetojoinup.

    i mean even tho they put my app on hold they still sent the referees out refrences so am in contact with um most days trying to let um know am serious bout joining
  11. On the plus side, and to your credit, you have been willing to sell your car in order to pay this off quickly so you can progress your application to join. In my book this shows more willing and determination than many who look at joining the Forces. If you're successful then you must continue to show the same level of determination during the basic training and you will get through fine.

    I often wonder at many of the "sceptical" and "quick to have a pop" members of this site. It is most probable that a fair proportion of them had some form of baggage when they joined.

    Good luck with the applicaiton process.

  12. It's a shame you're not serious about learning to spell. What the fcuk does um mean? Do you mean them? If so, it's only got TWO extra letters, but it does use a different vowel. They are not TOO difficult to find on the keyboard in front of you. As for the rest of what you've written :homework: . For a start, the letter i when used on it's own and letters beginning a sentence should be capitalised.

    You may have left school but I seriously doubt it's with any qualifications.

    Fcuking thick and/or lazy [email protected] Just the sort of person the modern Royal Navy needs. At least you'll be useful cleaning the heads.
  13. Think you're being a bit harsh there, he would be of much more use as a splash target cox'n :roll:
  14. apart from the few people on here who seem to be willing to help the rest of ya who seem to be a total arse hole i bid bye to this site and i'll go eles were to find the infomation i need

    ******* pricks
  15. Like the AFCO then you complete fcuking spastic?

  16. Result :thumbright:
  17. this thread = win :lol:

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