Re: fake passports assanation of hamas leader

That's right, play the 'You Hate Jews!' card because some of us find the extra judicial Judge, Jury and Executioner style of Mossad Death Squads a little hard to swallow. :roll:
While, I'm sure none of us objects to a Sovereign nation defending itself the Israel Government and the IDF have shown on numerous occaisions its contempt for civilian casualties and or the rights of it's neighbouring States people to govern themselves.
I always give a tsk when Israelis play the 'No one likes us' song. From a group who have suffered so much themselves you might expect a little empathy for those who have been dispossessed from their land.
Do one, you illiterate moron.
If you want the infamous 'Cock Of The Week' trophy THAT bad, just ask for some more votes, you don't have to stretch your already over-loaded brain to the task of trying to formulate sentences. We respect your differences, (special) needs, and lack of mental CPU.
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