OK Santa hasn't done his thing yet but Hogmanay is just three weeks away.The place to be for the annual ritual is Bonnie Scotland , of course , where the fabled brew will flow freely but wherever you are the time will be for New Year's Resolutions, those vows that few keep once the head clears of the Scotch mist and reality returns. Apart from the usual NYRs, stop smoking and drinking, what will be the popular but unusual NYR this year ?

What does Hogmanay actually mean and what is the derivation of the name? Why do the Scots more than any other nation celebrate the New Year with such a passion? Why should a tall dark stranger be a welcome first foot visitor after midnight, carrying a lump of coal and a slice of black bun?

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Well I am about to spend my first Hogmanay in Scotland, whern I have not been duty watch on board one of Pussers black boats, not half a dozen miles from Faslane and can I get an invite around to Faslane for a drink, NO

Will be at Killcreggen 31st, 1st and 2nd plan on meeting Moondog on 2nd for lunch time sesh.

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