Hobbies: Scrimshaw and knotwork

Hmmm... a knotwork butt-plug.... I bet I could sell a few of THOSE in Hamburg! No, it's a BELLROPE for a Capital Ship's fancy-dress trousseau. Took nearly 70 hours to do.

As to freespending pollies, I've found the best thing to keep 'em in check is a press-gang's persuader and a long nap!

(Get out much? You mean you can get OFF this ship???)

Do us a favour and see the post ABOVE in Current Affairs.



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I recall a pusser cadet in Triumph who managed to dodge all other part-of-ship labours to make a tiddly ganger for the stream anchor.
OK I'll say it,if you want to sell a few I know a nice little club in Soho always looking for lashes and handbags!
No! got to say it's a work of real effort,I like it well done.
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