Hobbies. Can you have too many?

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by 2_deck_dash, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. While having a recent think about my monthly outgoings, it became dangerously apparent that I spend far too much time and money on various leisure activities.

    Of my various hobbies and interests, besides the ones that I have mentioned in 'Lils, I do these ones on a more than regular basis and to a fairly high standard:

    Horse riding (Polo and hunting)
    Shooting stuff
    Collecting rare pocket watches
    Drinking heavily
    Writing snotty letters to the council/my neighbours
    Fcuking about on this website
    Playing the guitar

    Of the hobbies which I have that I still do occasionally but have had to limit for cost and time reasons, I can list the following:

    Motorsport (motocross, karting, stock car racing)
    Flying my remote control helicopter
    Flying my remote control glider
    Tinkering about with old cars
    Playing my Wii
    Going to the gym
    Going to gigs/festivals

    I have realised that doing all of this stuff, coupled with day to day living, running a factory and being in the TA, leaves me fcuk all time to myself, not to mention the cost of buying all the associated crap that goes with all these hobbies.

    In short something has to give especially if Mrs 2_Deck starts dropping sprogs any time soon, which is probably on the cards.

    Anyone else have too many hobbies?
  2. Well at least some of those involve opening the front door and getting out, that can't be bad - there are rather a lot of them though :lol:
    Couldn't you count some of them as common or garden household maintenance, cooking for instance, that would knock down the list a bit.
    My bottom line is that as long as you can stay solvent, why not enjoy what life has to offer?
  3. Hmmmm you have a point there. I suppose DIY, gardening and cooking are more to do with day to day living, even if I do enjoy them.

    I think my major problem is that I enjoy all this stuff so much but I can't pick just one or two to concentrate on, which means I don't get as much out of each one as I could.

    I blame the mob for giving me too much AT leave and getting me addicted to all this stuff.
  4. Yes, you can have too many hobbies. Which is why I never have any money as I spend it all on kit for the following which is in no particular order of preference:

    Fell walking / wilderness camping.
    Cricket (Yes I have to have a new bat / pads / gloves every season, what of it?)
    Golf (I am shit, but it is the club / putter that is always the issue, hence always buying new ones.)
    Gardening (whilst listening to the cricket)
    Music: Guitar playing (badly) and on my home studio.
    Football, yes new boots every season.
    Running, 10k's and half's mostly.
    Charity codswollop, which takes up far too much time.
    I am "ahem" a member of a political party. 8O
    Shooting (I will be owning a SAKO TRG in the near future)
    Xbox 360
    Following Carlisle United
    Upsetting people on internet forums.

    In addition, I intend to take up the following this year:

    Model railways
    Jensen interceptor restoration

    I have no money and no spare time, fortunately the RN subsidises all of this with a ridiculous wage and copious amounts of time off in cheers easy drafts.
  5. you going to Wembley on Sunday Monty????
  6. I am indeed, a weekend of lash and debauchery.
  7. Since you cnutbags are going to be in my neck of the woods anyway, do any of you fancy a pint after the match?
  8. Yes, I fucking do.
  9. Oh Dear..... Hobbies.

    Guitar, (Jazz. Not too bad)
    Woodworking. (Made all my own furniture)
    Painting.) Not too bad at all. sell some now and again)
    Writing (Working with an agent on my first novel. Everything else on back-burner.) No it's not about the sea. Well not all of it.
    Walking. (Breaking-in a knee replacement)
    Running. (If I ever meet a real scary predator)
    Cooking. (Not so much now since I went on a Steak Tartare and Sushi diet)
    MOTD, Aston Villa, (Wouldn't pay what they ask to actually go to the Park)
    Astronomy (It's looking up.)
    Archaeology (It's looking back.)
    Studying extinct species. (on the way out)
    Cycling. (Keeps my wheels going round).
    Messing with and buying replacement PCs.
    Fishing (For compliments , cos I never catch anything else.)
    Watching Dicky Attenborough's nature programmes ('Cos they are superb.)
    Making my daughter envious when I tell her about listening to whale-song, seeing Stromboli from the Straits at night, and seeing St. Elmos's Fire; and all the other marvels we matelots got to see that other mortals didn't.

    My favourite pastime is wishing I had never been sent to the Hell-Hole near Ipswich! Apart from that 'draft', I loved it all!

    Up Spirits!
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2011
  10. Whoring.

    That's it.
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  11. Bloody hell, my life has changed somewhat since I wrote this thread. Since the missus spawned (a year ago tomorrow), I haven't had a chance to do a single thing from that original list.

    My hobbies now include:

    Changing shitty nappies,
    Going to Mothercare,
    Pram spotting (walking around town looking for other parents who have the same pram and giving them a knowing smug nod),
    Painting and decorating rooms in bright child friendly colours,
    Assembling flat pack furniture,
    Driving large cars with many seats and space to fit a push chair,
    Cooking things without complex flavours that can be blended easily into a fine mush,

    That's about it.
  12. NO!:-D:-D:-D
  13. But not scoring? :-D
    it's all right for you young, 'hanscrombie' types...
  14. Wait till the kids get older and they can join in the hobbies...just bought this beastie in the summer...thrashing round the sea at 70mph is a hoot..if the boy will let me have a go !!! DSCF1550.jpg
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  15. Luthering ftw

    Playing guitar / writing / rehearsing with my bandmates

    drinking newkie brown

    Cycling to lose the newkie brown poundage.

    Fully paid up member of the MLP appreciation club.
  16. I see. Thanks.
  17. So sorry... Won't happen again. That's a promise.

    Bye Bye!

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