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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. A number of years ago I came into £15,000.
    It was ten years ago to be exact.
    At the time I was tempted to buy a new car and fuck off back to Oz for a while.
    Instead I bought two high yield equity bonds at £5.000 each for my kids, and then I bought a medal I had seen as an investment. I paid £500 for the medal, and why I was in the shop I also purchased another medal as I took a shine to the ribbon colour, it is as simple as that. I did not know a sausage about the medal as I was not at the time slightly interested. I have today reviewed the value of the bonds as they are about to mature, and I have the option to renew at the same terms. They are now worth approx double what I paid for them as part of the condition at purchase is no touch for term.
    Touch and loose all but purchase price, at any time during the term.
    So 100% return on the bond.
    The medal I purchased for £500 is now worth approx £750 so 50% profit there.
    Now the cheap medal I liked I bought for £5.00. When I purchased it, the bloke in the shop offered me 30 of them, and they would then have been £4.00 each so a total of £120. Nah I said I don't intend to become a dealer just a collector.

    Bad news for me really bad news.
    After I purchased the cheap medal I saw another in pristine condition so bought that but paid £15.00 for it.
    I do now deal in medals so today I sold the first cheap medal I bought.
    100% profit on the bonds,
    50% profit on the medal at £500.
    Cheap medal.......for a fiver sold today for £300. Had I have had the lot for £120 I could have turned that into £9000.
    Now that is profit and I feel pissed off.
    It's not the only bad call I've made over the duration, and I wondered if any out there had dropped big bollix as well?
    Or am I surrounded by super dealers?
  2. We were on holiday, just me and the missus and going out for the day, stops for petrol.After filling up I realise I havn,t got my wallet.The bloke behind the counter was very suspicious about me going back to the hotel until I said I would leave the missus with him.
    Needless to say I went back for her and gave him the £20.
    How much I could of saved in the last 30 years by keeping going in the opposite direction I cant even begin to calculate.:-|
  3. I am grateful at times that this site is anonymous as I get the feeling certain parcels would arrive unsolicited.:laughing2:
  4. Bombs probably
  5. Concur. Absofuckinlutely:-D
  6. I was once told by a high ranking officer that to throw my lot in with a certain person would automatically be the beginning of the end for me and my future, so when the offer of a partnership came I respectfully declined.
    He now lives in a seven bedroomed small mansion, and I get a semi. He drives the top of the range BMW I get a fiat. He gets fucked by divs birds, I get the Fiat.:-|:laughing2:
  7. Rummers you can have mine they mean fcuk all but sadly I haven't got a clue where the fcukers are,
  8. I've got me own Stan but I actually do deal in medals.
    I sold an RN op Telic recently for £250, I bought it at a car boot for £100, I did actually try to get the chap to keep it as one day he will want it if only for his kids.
    I shoved mine in the dustbin once during a hissy fit over something I read in the paper. Four or five years later I told the missus I did regret it and hey presto she produces them. I must admit I was pleased.
  9. Yeah Rummers the Mrs always says be proud but had a real twat on yesterday about Wooton Bassett I won't say I agree with all of what has gone on there I think some sad fcukers get a kick out of turning out every time one of our guys comes home in a box, however the new plans for repatriation seems like they are bringing the guys home via the fcuking back door because the tory brownhatters don't like the publicity it involves.
    Almost sold mine when I was desperately skint a couple of years ago but sent the missus down Union Street she came back with £13.50 I asked who gave her the odd 50p she said they all did!!
  10. I tried that but my Mrs couldn't find Union St.
    There's good trade at the roller rink.
  11. Roller Rink???? WTFs that ?? am I missing something young girls short skirts tea stained underwear??
  12. When I joined Stan there was a fuckin great roller rink in guzz just over from the Drake cinema at the side of Armada way.
    Its probably the hard core now under some car park.
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Some bloke gave me £50 after i threatened to kick his teeth in one evening, which was nice.
  14. Agh Rummers sad old town cinema gone even the fcucking Co-op has closed shithole city shithole footy club and full of peasants I wouldn't get tired of kicking - however, the KFC at the mini roundabout by Ace of Clubs is still open - run by some mad Albanian gangsters and the local cat population has gone into terminal decline - apparently
  15. The fact that you get a semi on thinking about a house is slightly worrying, but given your age and medical history I suppose a semi is better than nothing:-D
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  16. Rummers, after all that trauma, I think you deserve a medal!:-D
  17. What a good idea GB. I know a bloke wot sells em. I'll see what he's got going cheap.(very cheap)
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is this him?

  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mind you, this bloke can sell you a few if you want;

  20. He's a lot younger than the bloke I was thinking of.

    And a lot whiter.
    Medal looks about the quality I was after though.

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