My grandfather served aboard HMT THIRLMERE in 1943 and 1944, at this time he was based at HMS BALDUR at Reykjavik.

He was awarded the Artic Emblem but after my father applied for the Arctic Star they told him he didn't meet the criteria and unless we could provide further evidence he wouldn't get this medal awarded to him. My grandfather passed in 1990 and my father in Jan 2016.

I have checked certain documents via the net in relation to the Thirlmere and escort duties and they are rather vague, it shows that she was attached to a US Convoy UR103 and escorted the SAN ZOTICO to Akureyi from the 31/12/1943 to 3/1/1944. I have checked and Akureyi is located in the northern part of Iceland, although it falls outside the circle; but information said that the circle is continually changing so in 1944 this may have been in the circle. Also THIRLMERE is mentioned joining with HMS VINDEX on 6/8/1944, shortly after VINDEX joined up with Convoy JW 59 and sailed into Russia.

I am at a loss to find more out as I live in Australia and am finding it hard to provide clear evidence to the MoD in relation to my application. As an Australian Matelot I find it hard to understand what hoops I have to jump through to provide clear evidence to have his service recognised at what was a rough period in military history in such arduous conditions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have his original vellum but all it has is his awards and posting, etc. He served at Baldur from 2 Aug 43 to 11 Oct 44. She joined Vindex on the 6th of August 44, Vindex picked up JW59 on the 15th and sailed for Russia. There isn't any reference to her not remaining with the convoy.
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