HMS York.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Stirling, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Farewell, the end of another fine ship.
  2. I recall seeing a model of her in the careers office when I was trying to join up in early '82. Wow, a stretched T42 I thought. Looks good. Ended up on Illustrious and three T22s instead. Ho hum.
  3. Cracking ship - and being from York made it all the more special for me, even though I only spent six months onboard. Probably the reason I joined, I remember when I was at school going to see the city parade and heading off to sign up the next week.
  4. Thanks Stirl, I missed that.
    I'll be around Duncombe Place at the appointed time if you fancy a meet up.

  5. york.jpg Me wifey and daughter attending, Daughter christened onboard 1991 name on the bell. 1990 - 95
  6. She has just sailed for the last time...................

    I have just returned home after watching her lock out of King Gearge Dock in Hull for her final voyage back to Pompey. She looked as good as the day i joined her in 1987.......end of an era. It takes a lot to move me , but it got very smokey on that lockside tonight.

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