HMS YORK the last day

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Yesterday I watched a gracefull lady of the sea cross the bar, YORK was a thoroughbred had her moods but a stallion of the seas a sleek grey messenger. She tolerated us mere mortals, was gracefull and at the end consumately dignified, her ships company gave her a memorable fine farewell. Memories will always remain of the men I served with, their courage through adversity, their laughter and dedication to the service and their country.
    I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear as the White Ensign came down for the last time, but fcuk she still looked good at 27 and I still think she could give the young guns a run for their money - because as we all know we men prefer older women.
    And my daughter finally got to see her name on the ships bell.
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  2. Yes,yes,yes fine words and all that shit but what of CO3 who'm you promised to thrash within an inch of his life?is honour satisfied? When does your case come up?
  3. Wasn't there the cockfest, plus I was driving and couldn't engage in the cockfight I had envisaged hope to fcuk he had a long and protracted death, like my father who he never allowed me home to see until he had died. We were only doing PWO firings ffs.
    Bless Lady Gosling lots of fizz good tukka for those able to legally participate, including my wife and daughter who's obscene ramblings I had to silently tolerate during the 4 hour return journey to Pointy head land
  4. A chip off the old block then ;-P
  5. Sad times only 1 left

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  6. As rumours have it
  7. I had just bought the War of the Worlds concept double album (for those of a younger than 30 age, an album was like a CD, only bigger and made of plastic) and was enthralled by the song Thunderchild. On going to the careers office and seeing a model of the York in a display cabinet equated her with that song.
    In one's own minds eye, the York was my Thunderchild.

    Funny old world..
  8. Flymo she was a Dragon hence the name of the T45 who will take over as the affiliated ship for the city of York, With just a few exceptions we flicked the swithches and the missiles flew at mach 2.5 out to 30 miles plus, I have to say after many a night ashore staggering back to see her floodlit missiles on the launcher I was proud to think I fought her and used her or she tolerated me and allowed me to dispense her fcuking awesome power. 42 a true Greyhound and she still made me feel in awe even though she was an old lady
  9. Stan HMS Dragon the Type 45 is affilated to Cardiff not York mate

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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