HMS York returns to Libya

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by MoD_RSS, Oct 18, 2011.

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  2. This is all very well, and yeah, it's good that we should have a presence there; however I'd question the wisdom of having a single unit on station in an area that stands a very good chance of being hostile towards western powers.
    Two ships would be preferable but three would be ideal, given that situation with respect to the cost implications.
    Always safety in numbers!
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    JB48: Erm, since when does NATO equal "a single unit"? Last time I checked there were 12 naval NATO vessels on patrol so, although HMS Liverpool's/York's involvement will be significant, they will be well supported by other nations. This is a NATO operation, not a Royal Navy one. When RN units are deployed independently then more assets will accompany them.
  4. I take what you say, SPB, but from my own experience of what goes on between joint NATO forces on exercises like this, I wouldn't trust any of 'em to organise a kid's tea party.
    I've seen too many little things go wrong in the past where politics get in the way of common sense; at least with two units you've got a fighting chance of backing one another up if the s**t hits the fan - even better with three.
  5. In the light of today's news it doesn't matter whether there is two or twenty two they can all come home including the poor Crabs roughing it in hotels in Italy.
  6. Too bloody right, M8 - bet the York's crew didn't foresee having a banyan on this detatchment?
    Now let's see; a week in Alex, followed by shooting the crap out of the Lebanon coastline for a while and then over to Malta for a good old rabbit run.
    Chunter over to Tangier for another week, just to annoy the locals and give the beggars sommat to do, then refuel and a last pissy-arsed run ashore in Gib before heading off home.
    Ahhhh - wish I could sign on again!!
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    jaybee48 wrote
    That wasn't an exercise. There was real shooting. On the tactical level, I find our NATO allies dependable. And the best naval parties I've been to are those organised by our Canadian, Dutch and German brothers in arms. Even the French put on a good bash.

    jaybee48 went on
    Did I miss something? Why would we shoot the crap out of the Lebanon's coastline?

    What, with murdering captives and shelling friendly countries I expect that 1SL will be hoping that the Service never needs to call on your service, HMS Euryalus 3P stokers' mess uckers champion 1971 or not.
  8. Well, **** me pink, Seadog - have you been asleep for the past few days or what?
    That post was dropped on Saturday afternoon - perhaps you've been on siesta since then?
    Whatever, I'm getting a bit tired of your constant carping and criticisms, and with your efforts to appear intelligent.
    If you can't say anything sensible, then I'd suggest you keep your comments to yourself.
  9. I don't remember ansking anyone else to this party, SJRM, but now you've chipped in I'd remind you that I'm not the one who starts dripping about other peoples' posts and making personal comments about others' opinions and personal abilities.
    This is, or is supposed to be a site where issues of the day can be discussed openly without that sort of nonsense - I was evidently mistaken.
    Strikes me that nobody likes a newby coming in and putting an alternative point of view - if you don't like what I'm saying you don't have to read it or comment - that's your choice.
    Now if you'll excuse me, I've far better things to do than sit here and discuss the niceties of how to slag off other people while making yourself look good in the doing - I leave that to politicians.
  10. My bold: Everyone has a right to reply, especially on a public forum in response to some particularly chad comments.
  11. With you on that, MLP; however that doesn't include the right to belittle, patronise or otherwise slag someone off just because you may not agree with what's been said.
    I don't do it, and I don't expect others to do it to me.
  12. Ahhh, that move was very craftily arranged, wasn't it?
    I notice that it also 'took out' my last post that explained the reasons why I wouldn't trust other NATO Navy units with a kiddies' tea party, and also the fact that the rest of it was a skit on what used to happen after being stood down from an active tasking in the Med.
    Seems to me that some people are so intent on creating mischief, they wouldn't be able to suss out a windup if it hit them between the eyes.
    It also seems to me that moving the thread was a blatant misuse of moderators' priviledges - if you can't win the argument, then deff it out.
    Some sad people about these days - glad I don't have to serve with any of you.
  13. Just to hark back to the title of this thread, York returns to Libya. MOD Press a bit quick off the mark with that one.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2011
  14. JB you are coming across as a bit of a cock with attitude, as they say in Liverpool - calm down. Now when I was on York!!!
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    jaybee48 wrote
    Your post is still there. Something about in your experience in exercises such as these and politics. OP ELLAMY is not an exercise. So your experience loses some relevance. And as for NATO politics, what ever politics are going on at a level above the operational, the war fighting (sorry, protection of civilians) has been rather joined up.

    You are welcome to your opinion but in Current Affairs it needs to be informed. If I disagree with you or anyone else in doing so, I most often ask as poster to develop his or her theme because I'm open to being convinced ( I conceded a point to finknottle in another active thread). Sometimes I'm trying to convince a poster with whom I disagree of the merit of my case. It's allowed. On occasion the sound of crashing gears is the sound of my neck being wound in.

    Current Affairs is not the forum for idle banter or wind ups. Humour is all well and good when it sits alongside an informed contribution.
    It was ever thus. Current Affairs Forum

    I didn't move the thread but as it is now more fitted to the Quarterdeck so I have no issue with whoever did. Your posting rights are unaffected.

    What was shelling the Lebanon all about?
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2011
  16. SJRM - I haven't a clue who you're on about, and frankly I doubt if you do either - care to enlighten me?
    Seadog; take your point mate, but as I've been a civvy for nearly forty years I don't think Pusser or in straight lines any more.
    I try to inject a bit of humour into my posts - remember humour? - but it seems that's been taken the wrong way as well.
    Shelling Lebanon was part of the windup; you may remember that Beirut used to be the terrorist centre of the world during the late sixties, and because of the perceived threat to US interests the USN had a standing patrol from Gaza in the south to Tripoli in the north.
    Well, for some reason the flotilla commander decided to give his captains some gunnery practice, whereupon all four ships started shelling seven bells out of Al Rankin Island; can't remember exactly when this happened - I was in HK on the Puma - but it would have been around late summer in '68 or thereabouts.
    No damage was done and nobody hurt - it's populated by sea birds - but a unit skipper of the Libyan Navy reported it to his people, and of course they passed it on to the Lebanese authorities; it caused a right old stink at the time, and a great deal of ribald merriment with RN blokes - you can imagine the comments!
  17. JB it is no longer 1968 I joined in 1973 and retired in 2007 IMHO most matelots that served in the "Cold War" era really don't have a clue about modern warfare. They enjoy engaging in what I would call jaunty banter which really is boring as fcuk same as you, please fcuk off and enjoy the rest of your boring life simmering in the smell of your'e own piss and talcum powder. By the way did you serve long enough to get the LSGC??? Must be a real pisser standing at your local memorial on Remembrance Day with your one shiney bit of tin and the young gun next to you has half a dozen and has fcuking earned his pension twice over, please go back down into the shit trench you exited from tosser.
    Sorry guys this cnut really winds me up
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  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    jaybee48 wrote
    I thought Beruit and the rest of Lebanon was peaceful, organised, a bit French and oo la la until 1975 when the civil war kicked off.

    Not a story I've heard before but as Al Rankin island is swimming distance from Tripoli, I'd have thought that the Lebanese would have investigated the noise, flashes and smoke without needing a heads up from a third party after the event. If it happened during the civil war and blended into the background noise, perhaps it didn't happen when you were in Hong Kong.

    Thank you for addressing the Lebanon bombardment question.
  19. Apologies not needed, Stan. The silent majority are not disagreeing with you.
  20. Well, Stan, that really shows you up for what you are, doesn't it?
    No doubt you also enjoyed shouting your mouth off at juniors on the messdeck too - well, sorry to disappoint you but I'm not impressed, nor am I the tiniest bit intimidated by childish outbursts or attempts at bullying.
    FYI, I joined when ships still had hammocks, boilers ran on FFO and the badgemen ran the mess for the killick - none of your nice clean diesel, no aircon, no comfy pits to sleep in and no stabilisers.
    Okay, you did the Falklands and fair play to you for that; however what you have to realise is that although mine was a 'peacetime navy' we still had some nasty jobs to do, off the cuff, in shite conditions, simply because we were the nearest unit available.
    We all did our bit during our time in, so don't go off on a benny at me simply because you stayed in and I chose not to - time served is no real criterion of quality, so don't come the old sailor with me - OK?

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