HMS Wolverhampton needs your support

A petition has been set up at the Prime Minister's website which reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to support the naming of one of her Majesty's new ships HMS Wolverhampton at the earliest opportunity One of the greatest forms of civic pride that a town or city can possess is to have one of Her Majesty's ships being named after it. Throughout British Naval history every major British town or city has received this honour, except the historic and important city of Wolverhampton. Of all the current 66 cities in the United Kingdom only five cities have never had the honour and, in addition to Wolverhampton, include the Northern Irish cities of Armagh, Lisburn and Newry and the English cathedral city of Ely. We implore the "Ships' Names and Badges Committee" (SNBC) to recommend HMS Wolverhampton as a name for a suitable ship at the earliest opportunity.

If you wish to support the campaign you can sign the petition at and get more information about the campaign at

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During WW2 Wolverhampton 'adopted' HMS Newfoundland. The liaison continues pro tem (including with local Sea Cadets) but will presumably lapse when the HMS Newfoundland Association is wound up next year.
The idea to name a warship HMS Wolverhampton is both flawed in concept and in its claims about other cities having given their names to HM Ships.

While I agree in principle that it would be a nice gesture to name a ship HMS Wolverhampton, this is never going to happen while we have a Royal Navy that is as small as it is today. There are many famous names with many battle honours to their names that are no longer in use and few of them have much chance of being used again.

I expect there will be much more support for ships whose forbears had an an illustrious history, such as a new HMS Warspite (25 battle honours), HMS Orion (22), HMS Swiftsure (21), HMS Ajax (20), HMS Worcester (20), HMS Tiger (19 - dating back to 1588), HMS Greyhound (18), HMS Cumberland (17), HMS Fury (17), HMS Eagle (16), HMS Lion (16), HMS Yarmouth (16), HMS Faulknor (15), HMS London (15), HMS Unicorn (14 - dating back to 1588), HMS Jervis (13 - all earned in World War II by the same destroyer) or even HMS Terrible (13), HMS Rainbow (12), HMS Lark (11), HMS Deptford (10), HMS Racehorse (10) or HMS Fame (8)!

HMS Derby and HMS Salford , for example, were not named after the cities but after the Hunts in those places. There's never been a proper warship named HMS Portsmouth and, anyway, the last was a storeship some 200 years ago.

Even this Arsenal fan would prefer to see a new HMS Hotspur (10) than an HMS Wolves !