HMS Westminster receives US thanks for operations in Libya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 8, 2011.

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  2. What does that mean, formally recognised by the 'American' armed forces. Who the **** are the yanks to recognise anyone? Is that supposed to make the UK, Navy, Jack feel good? It makes me puke.

    "Oh look, we got a plaque"
    "Yea, how boring, sling it in the box wiv the rest of em"
  3. Well we are junior partners in the 'special relationship' so a pat on the head from our masters should not be treated with contempt.
  4. Jesus Christ, some people want to say thanks specifically and have a nice plaque made and all you can do is drip.
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  5. That's not saying thanks, that's fuckin' patronising.
  6. I see no reason to be so ungracious. The plaque from Westminster's temporary OPCON authority was inscribed:
    What's patronising about that? It sounds pretty appreciative to me.

    Mind you, the phraseology does remind me of the story about the American cruiser visiting Portsmouth with a slogan on her bridge wing declaring "USS Des Moines - Second to None!"

    Within an hour, HMS Blake (berthed just ahead of her on South Railway Jetty) had a painted canvas sign on her bridge wing saying "HMS None". :icon_smile:
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