HMS Westminster receives US thanks for operations in Libya

What does that mean, formally recognised by the 'American' armed forces. Who the **** are the yanks to recognise anyone? Is that supposed to make the UK, Navy, Jack feel good? It makes me puke.

"Oh look, we got a plaque"
"Yea, how boring, sling it in the box wiv the rest of em"
That's not saying thanks, that's fuckin' patronising.
I see no reason to be so ungracious. The plaque from Westminster's temporary OPCON authority was inscribed:
To the officers and crew of HMS Westminster. Thank you for your world-class support. Delivering the goods when no one else could, you are truly second to none.
What's patronising about that? It sounds pretty appreciative to me.

Mind you, the phraseology does remind me of the story about the American cruiser visiting Portsmouth with a slogan on her bridge wing declaring "USS Des Moines - Second to None!"

Within an hour, HMS Blake (berthed just ahead of her on South Railway Jetty) had a painted canvas sign on her bridge wing saying "HMS None". :icon_smile:

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