HMS Westminster on her way to help Burmese


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HMS Westminster is on her way to help Burmese

Royal Navy ship is racing to Burma in a bid to tackle the aftermath of the devastating cyclone.
The Type-23 frigate HMS Westminster has been sent on the orders of Prime Minister Gordon Brown as Britain takes over chairmanship of the UN Security Council.

Commander Ken Houlberg and his crew hope to take part in an international relief effort to help an estimated two million people facing famine and disease.

But Burma is still continuing to reject international help.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said Westminster was still on her way to Burma and would not enter that country's boundaries.

He said: 'She has yet to arrive there and it is expected she will lay up in international waters.' ...
full article - Portsmouth News
The Burma matter came up on yesterday's Radio 4 PM Programme. There was a very interesting interview with a Jane Cockin of OXFAM. She was firm that air drops would be ineffectve and wasteful. at point 17:20 to 19:10.

What the good Mistress Cockin said was that the locations that aren't forest are wet and swampy, with the risk of stores being lost or spoiled. The other good point she made was that unless there is someone with authority at the DZ, the strongest and least needy get the pick leaving bugger all for those who most need it. It also seems a fair invitation for panic, greed, riot and violence. Had she been a Mil Loggie, she would probably have placed a large emphasis on DZ marking the areas that most need aid. It would be futile to precisely insert stores in the wrong place (as well as painful).

I thought it interesting that she had a better grasp of logistics than David quick-say-something-popular Cameron.

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