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HMS Wasp

Looking for a picture or painting on the net, of HMS Wasp a 19 gun, wooden , but screw driven Sloop. Some 970 tons at the Crimea. No joy yet!!!
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You have set us a real brainteaser this time, Scouse.

A dig around has turned up information, but no pictures.

Mid-Victorian RN vessel HMS Wasp

These two books may have a picture in them:

The Sail and Steam Navy List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ships of the Royal Navy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This sounds like a job for either the Royal Naval Museum or the Naval Historical Branch. Start with an e-mail to the library at the Museum at [email protected] and see what they suggest.

Royal Naval Museum
HM Naval Base

Telephone: 02392 727562 Fax: 02392 727575

Website: Welcome | Royal Naval Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

E-mail: [email protected]

Naval Historical Branch
Admiralty Library,
Naval Historical Branch (Naval Staff),
No 24 Store (pp 20),
Main Road,
HM Naval Base Portsmouth,
PO1 3LU.

Tel: 023 92 724327 or 725300 Fax: 023 92 724003
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If you cannot find an image of ‘HMS WASP circa 1852’ then instead try looking for one of her sister ships of the ‘Archer’ Screw Sloops listed below.

List of corvette and sloop classes of the Royal Navy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



19th century screw sloops (to 1903)

Archer class — 2 ships, 1849–1850.
Archer (1849) - sold 1866.
Wasp (1850) - sold 1869.
Miranda (1851) - sold 1869.
Brisk (1851) - sold 1870.
Malacca (1853) - sold 1869.

In 1852 six of the screw sloops (Archer, Brisk, Encounter, Malacca, Miranda and Niger) were reclassed as corvettes, while four others (Conflict, Desperate, Phoenix and Wasp) remained sloops.


As an interesting aside I turned up this little story of what happened when HMS Wasp's sister, the Class Ship, HMS Archer, paid off.

Mid-Victorian RN vessel HMS Archer

<<7 October 1861

Her Majesty's screw steam corvette Archer, 13, Capt. Craufurd, from the West Coast of Africa, having been dismantled at Woolwich, was on Saturday paid off. The ceremony, at all times an attractive one to a certain class of traders, was on Saturday one of more than ordinary interest.

The seamen had no sooner got outside the dockyard gates with their well-filled packs and purses than they were eagerly set upon, and in a few hours it was stated that some had been stripped to the last shilling.

3,000l. that morning received from the Admiralty for distribution as prize money, and 5,000l. as arrears of pay, making a total of 8.000l., were paid to the ship's company in the course of a couple of hours.>>

That 1861 ‘8,000l’ being £8k, would be worth £50k at today’s values; with a crew of 150 men the average payout would have been a level £3,360.00 each.

So those stripped to the last shilling would have been in very deep poo when they finally sobered up and reached home.......
Well found, Nobby!

From pages 120-121 of the text the MOB date of 22 June 1860 matches Scouse's HMS Wasp.

Then <<....To cut the story short, we were both rescued after being half an hour in the water, none the worse for our ducking, though the bluejacket was never of much account afterwards, and took the first opportunity of deserting.>> How ungrateful!!
Thank You Nobby0919 and BOOTWU, and Maam... I had better send off another E mail to the RN Museum.. and tell them im sorted :-D
Looking for a picture or painting on the net, of HMS Wasp a 19 gun, wooden , but screw driven Sloop. Some 970 tons at the Crimea. No joy yet!!!
Contact greencastle maritime museum online Scouse. She came to a stickey end at Tory Island of the north west coast of Ireland. They should have something on it that may be of use to you.
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