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HMS Walney


Hey guys. I was heading to the Cinema in the Odyssey in belfast on Friday night, and i couldn't believe it when i saw the HMS Walney docked right beside it. In plain sight and easy access to the public. People where walking up to it, getting photos taken beside it etc. I just thought it great to see a RN vessal docked in belfast like that, and not be futher up the lough where access is very restricted. Just goes to show how times have changed here and i would hope to see more vessals stopping by like that.
My father was Captain of Walney M-104 about 10, 11 years ago. I spent a lot of time on board that ship. Fired its 30mm and sailed it down the Firth of Forth when she was based in Rosyth.

Good times :)
Walney's not the first (& hopefully not the last) to be parked there.
One of the new River class patrol boats was in early this year (i think)
Another one was in with an Irish Navy pb last year.
Ship open to visitors all round.

A superb berth & hope to see more visits from "sleek grey war canoes of death, brackets small"

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