Hms Victorious

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jan 29, 2013.

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  2. A beautiful carrier, with a rich and honourable career of service to this country, she even served under the US flag as USS Robin.
    i had the honour to serve on her for two weeks sea training whilst at Ganges 1964/5. Thanks for the memories Scouse
  3. Had a few sea dads served on the Vic'.

    Some smashing dits, almost made this Wafu want to go to sea!!!!!!:eh:
  4. Biased here, but I spent from late '59 to '62 on the Vic and that time was really memorable, she was, as stated a beautiful looking carrier, originally distinctive by the 984 radar. The food on the Vic was renowned throughout the fleet, the chefs performed well. There was also an air of ' togetherness' on the Vic, that meant the crew and the squadrons did their respective jobs as a unit. The below deckers used to get on the 'goofer's' deck and cheer the deck teams as they went about getting a speedy launch and recovery, I knew many 'stokes' who became really chuffed to be part of the deck crew. During my time , I considered the Vic as a happy ship, many good runs ashore, many friends, and some memories that can never be forgotten.

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