HMS Victorious

Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Served a couple of years early 60's on her,whenever we docked ie.Manila Yanks used to ask how good is that big radar dome that she has?
    Being a gunner I never had the faintest idea but told them it was the best.
    Just how good was it compared to other Radar sets at that time 60/61/62?
    Often wondered as some told me it was beyond anything others had at that time.
    Someone will remember.
  2. That radar was known as the 984, and considered state of the art in the 60's . Manila ?, only place in the Phillipines we docked on the Vic was at Subic Bay, the US naval base, and the run ashore was Alongapo, over run with those jeepney things, but the US service club was great, good steaks and prices!
  3. Did you buy any of those day old chicks to feed the alligator on main street? One chap rought a couple back on board us and tried to rear them...sadly without success , however was a great run ashore
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  4. Seafarer, when were you on the Vic? I joined her in November of '62 and left her in Singers when she was re-commisioned by air in August of '64. My first job on her was ships postie, thoroughly enjoyed it, until some no badge little upstart picked up his hook. I told him to Foxtrot Oscar a few times before I was pictureised by a wise old buffer. I passed for my hook in Hong Kong in June of '64. I was a fellow gunner and had the dubious privelege of being the aimer of P1. American US 63 system using Italian ammunition. A good recipe for early bursts and getting flash burns!
  5. Onions!17/8/60 to 5/6/62 looks like we missed each other! I was aimer on S1 yet funny enough in Defence stations I was on P1! didn't make sense to me especially when you missed the announcement that Jets were landing and you risked burns from the bounced jets something you must be aware of!
    Postie was a good job mine for a time was a cushy number it was!Wait for it! Official Cockroach Exterminator! did my own thing whenever I felt like it.Not that it did any good the Feckers just ignored the spray.
    I'll try again for the Renunion this year wife's ill health stopped me last year.Cheers
  6. Seafarer, talk about passing ships in the night. I also did a three month stint on Vic, March to June in '60! I forgot about the "round agains" off the angled deck. God, no wonder my hearing is shot away! Can remember a runner arriving with a message from the Gunnery Officer, something about not answering his war crys over the speak piece. Got another bollocking for telling him to speak up as I was used to gunfire. Did you get a grat issue of boots for your vital role as OCE?
  7. Nope but I got plenty of food from the Galley when they weren't watching as I sprayed away also helped my self to a generous wet from a bottle of Rum in an Officers cabin until I found out it was Bay rum something for the hair!
    Tasted OK!
  8. Good to hear about your 'Vic' time, I was on her at the same time Onions, did just on 3 years on that ship , she was my first and responsible for me seeing a lot of the world in some of the finest company. Great days !
  9. Handler, I've dug out a couple of phots from them far off days. Lew was a Landrover driver. and me wearing the gaiters.

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  10. Great pics, I remember 2 of the land-rover drivers , one was ' Tex' Brunell, the other I think was 'Kipper' Herring.
  11. Yes , excellent video and also other links too. Brought a lort of memories back, of what a hectic, thrilling, and great male bonding place the flight deck was. I say was because there is no way those scenes will ever be repeated. Teamwork at its very best.

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