HMS Victorious

Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. I served on her for two miserable years '60/61[not the ship much I just liked destroyers and frigates better.Question is:we had a projection over the front of the flight deck to catch the strops of the catapulted aircraft as they were supposed to cost £25 each time.
    As far as a seaman was concerned just looking,I never saw it catch anything.Did it work ?as later photos show it was removed.The Yanks seem to use a sort of block much more sensible it seems,who thought of that brilliant idea?
    Still it may have worked but would not trials have sorted it out?
  2. Dont know if it worked or not. But it was removed in the 62 refit whilst she was in dry dock for 14 months. Never to return :thumright:
  3. Sorry you did not like the "Vic" seafarer1939. I was on her 65-67 as was scouse i think.
    I had a very happy commision on her, our Skipper for the first half was Capt Davenport ( a nice bloke) and the second half was Capt McIntosh (quite but ok). As for bridle catchers we had them on the "Ark" 69-71 they seemed to work ok.
  4. I too was on the 60/61 commission as Ship's company. The strop catcher was trialed and caught the strop successfully. I understood that the heavy swaged ends of the strop spun around the tip of the catcher and hit the underside of the fuselage. The project was abandoned
  5. He also was the Capt of HM Submarine Sceptre. Which towed one of the X craft to Attack the "Tirpitz" :salut:

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